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A VIN decoder is a piece of software typically used by dealers to retrieve information about a vehicle by entering the VIN (vehicle identification number). Most dealer management systems have a similar functionality and the information retrieved about a vehicle is used in various places like online postings, dealer website listings or simply for answering customer inquiries. Dealer software can be pretty sophisticated but VIN interpretation is an area that cannot be handled without external help. No DMS provider maintains its own database about car specifications. VIN decoder typically retrieves data about a vehicle in the backend from another specialized company and there is a handful of major players in that market: Chrome Automotive Data Systems being the biggest, Data One Software,, Kelly Blue Book and Polk to name a few.

Just because most dealer management system providers use the same few companies in the back end, does not mean all VIN decoders are the same. First of all, VIN analysis is not an exact science. The more information passed from DMS to a VIN data provider, the better the results are. The way this information is collected and utilized depends on the user interface and it can affect the accuracy of technical specifications of a vehicle, which ultimately can cost or win you a sale. Second, Chrome is clearly the industry leader and returns more information than other providers. This makes a big difference between DMS providers as well.

Carsinia provides a user interface that enables you to do VIN analysis at any time of the vehicle life cycle. You can do it automatically at vehicle/trade entry or do it later from specifications screen. After retrieving the VIN analysis data, you can edit the technical specifications and equipment information if you realize there is incorrect information for whatever reason. VIN decoding only works with vehicles that were manufactured after 1981 - primarily because the VIN format changed in that year. You should not have any problems with popular brands like chevy, ford, dodge, toyota, or bmw but if you sell classic cars or obscure makes/models not found everywhere, you can always get them from the manufacturer website and copy and paste them to Carsinia. The technical specifications and equipment information will be used when posting to online classifieds sites and in your website inventory listings.

The information provided in our VIN decoder consists of 6 sections: vin summary, technical specs, equipment information, online marketing features, vin analysis options and other information. VIN summary includes basic information about the car like make, model, trim, stock images, MSRP, expected profit margin, etc. Technical specifications are dimensions, engine specs, weight, suspension, cooling system, etc. Equipment information comes in 4 main sections: exterior, interior, mechanical and safety. All these sections so far are used for dealer website inventory listings. Online marketing features section is like features-at-a-glance. What stands out about this vehicle? Main attractions. It is prepared from standardized equipment information of Chrome and it is used for posting to online car sales sites like autotrader and VIN analysis options show possible packages that this vehicle may have. Dealers can use this information to add to the equipment information section. The last section includes a wealth of information that can be very useful in answering customer inquiries: recall information, emissions, fleet styles, standard exterior and interior color names and codes, warranty information and crash test results. All in all, Carsinia VIN decoder shows everything in window stickers.

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