Carsinia Auto Dealer Software Videos

Here is our video archive for our DMS. All our videos are recorded directly from the computer screen using Carsinia software. Feel free to watch and share them as you wish. We always add new videos so come back to check for updates.

PDF Signatures

All documents and forms in Carsinia are in PDF format. A frequently asked question by our dealers is "how do I get my customers to sign the forms?" In the old days this would require faxing or emailing and printing a few times. Nowadays, with the help of Adobe Reader and mobile platforms like iphone, ipad, android and windows phones, no printing is needed for signatures. In this video we show how you can get your customers to sign your PDF forms and explain it below.

Service Shop Management

Carsinia dealer management system has a simple set of features for managing your service shop. In this video we cover some of the operations for managing your parts, ordering them, service orders, reconditioning and reporting on worked hours.

Carsinia Hosted Emails

In this video we talk about the email management in Carsinia dealer management system: webmail, calendars, tasks, notes, address books, spam, out of office emails, quotas, forwards, mailboxes, automatic picture uploads through email (for iphone and ipad) and external email setup (phones, outlook or tablets).

Report Options

In this video we show various features of our reports. These features are applicable to all lists in our system: vehicles, customers, loans, etc. You can sort, filter, search, export and print all reports. You can set page sizes. You can customize the global and user specific fields for each report. You can create global or user specific color options for various criteria.

Editing Loans After Sale

In this video we show how you can edit the buyer loans for a deal after the deal is closed.

Purchase Management 2

In this video we show purchase management features in our dealer management system: floor plans, liens, purchase balance, etc.

Craigslist Posting

In this video we show briefly how you can post a vehicle to Craigslist using Carsinia dealer management system after recent changes with Craigslist.

Inventory Pictures Bulk Upload Organizer

In this video we show how you can bulk upload pictures of your inventory and easily change their order in Carsinia dealer management system.

Inventory Management Actual Cash Value Deals

In this video we showcase how Carsinia dealer management system can record different sales/purchase prices and actual cash values. This is an important feature that helps with inventory.

Facebook and Twitter Integration

In this video we show how you can integrate Carsinia Dealer Management System with Facebook and Twitter to post your inventory. This is very useful for car dealers that want to market their vehicles on social media.

Estimated and Actual Profit Reports

In this video we explain a few new features that can manage estimated and actual profits for dealers in our web based dealer management system.

Accounting Software with Quickbooks Integration

Carsinia is a web based car dealer management system that provides accounting integration with quickbooks through chart of accounts and transactions export and import. This video is a demonstration of a purchase and sale of a car with floor planning and reconditioning and how it is sent to Quickbooks. We display some of the standard reports like profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flows. We also show hours worked report on Carsinia that can be used for quickbooks payrolls.

v3.1 Updates: New Features and Forms

Joint credit application. Website special price different from other online avenues like Craigslist, Autotrader, etc. Separated License and registration fees. Custom fields with free text values. Physical Damage Insurance - enter in deals, manage insurance companies and agents. Deal wizard equal payments option. Show first payment date instead of odd days. Lender first payment option: 30 days, 1 month, 45 days. Uncontract and recontract deals. Deal configurations: preset tax rates and fees. Output all forms in PDF with flatten option for iPad. PDF option for NCR form outputs. Form groups: automatically combine multiple forms and view or email binder. New California, Colorado, Credit Union forms. Privacy Notice, Disclosure of Credit Bureau, Authorization to Release Payoff Info, Guarantee of Title, Notice to Co-Signer, Power of Attorney, We Owe Document, IRS Form 8300. Wolters Kluver Utah retail installment contract.

Forms and Documents Generation

Carsinia dealer software can generate forms and documents for a deal or sold vehicle very easily. There are two different types of forms: PDF and NCR forms. PDF forms enable users to pre-populate common forms and complete the rest manually. NCR forms are used mostly with dot-matrix printers. It is very easy to design and edit NCR forms.

DMV Forms and Retail Installment Contract

Our forms library is getting more impressive by the day: New car dealer documents, automotive DMV forms, retail installment contracts, form groups, etc. Our DMS can handle it all.

Credit Reports

Carsinia dealer software provides a video demonstration of how to pull credit reports for customers. This can be done in two ways: directly from customers or from the deal wizard. Deal wizard makes it easy to enter a sale and one of the steps is pulling the credit report for the customer to decide what kind of loan you can get for him/her.

Finance Software - Credit Applications

Carsinia dealer finance software can be used for easily submitting credit applications for your customers. This can be done in two ways: using generic credit application form and through EZ Dealer Finance. In this video we show both ways of submitting loan applications.

Floor Planning, Dealer Financing, Inventory Loans

Carsinia is a great auto dealer floor plan software that helps you manage your inventory loans and avoid late fees. You can define lenders and terms in a flexible way.

Pre-set Deal Configurations

We have a new feature in our car dealer software that was long due: deal configuration for taxes and fees. You can now set up automatic tax values for different counties and default fee values per location. See deal configurations blog for more info.

iPad iPhone Android Tablet Bulk Picture Upload

Our DMS runs on all platforms: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Linux. One issue we had with iPad, iPhones and Android tablets was picture uploads. We can now bulk upload pictures via email in our used car dealer software.

Website Content Editing, Forms, Online Listings

Carsinia dealer websites are completely integrated with our DMS (dealer management system). Your vehicles can be easily listed on your websites. You can add or edit your pages with our editor. You can upload new images and drag and drop them to your pages. Our software can manage your content for better search engine optimization and high number of leads.

Craigslist Bulk Post Software

Carsinia can post your vehicles to Craigslist in bulk. We make it as easy as possible for you. Complete automation of Craigslist postings is against the terms and conditions. We save you as much time as it is legally possible. In this video you can see one account posting two vehicles back to back.

Craigslist Phone Verification Software

Carsinia dealer management system can handle craigslist phone verifications with grace. If you record your phone number in our system, you do not even need to type in your phone number. All you need to do is select the method (text or call) and type in the code.

Craigslist Car Posting Software

Posting on Craigslist can be time consuming and frustrating. Your posts need to be unique and randomized. Your images need to be hosted on a server farm. You need to use different IP addresses. Carsinia does it automatically for you.

Uploading inventory to Craigslist

Carsinia dealer software makes it very easy to post your vehicles to craigslist. This can be done in 3 ways: manual, automatic and bulk posting. It is possible to convert posts to images to minimize chances of ghosting. All templates are completely customizable.

eBay Motors Posting Part 2

Carsinia provides direct integration with eBay Motors. Posting your vehicles from our online dealer management system (DMS) to eBay is very easy. In this video you can view how to setup your eBay account with Carsinia and start posting vehicles.

eBay Motors Posting Part 1

This video shows a brief clip of uploading a vehicle with youtube video to eBay from Carsinia eBay Software System. © 2019