Dealer Software for Multiple Locations and Users

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A key distinction between Windows based car dealer management software and Carsinia is the ability to define multiple users and locations easily. Carsinia requires only an Internet connection and a browser. Once your account is created, you can set up other users and locations. You automobile dealership employees can then login to their accounts using Internet on

You can setup as many locations as you want. These are typically your car dealerships but you can also define the location of an employee working remotely. For example, if you have an auction team purchasing cars in a few locations, you would define each location in your administration panel. These locations would then be available for selection in purchase, transportation screens. You can define any location you do business in.

Setting up your users is easy in our car dealership software. You can simply select a unique username in your organization and have them select their password. You can define a primary location for the user, set title, two phone numbers and a fax. You can set detailed privileges for your users in Carsinia car dealer software. You can give them administration, purchasing, reconditioning, sales, trades, payments, reports and billing permissions under general permissions category. You can set the default tab they will see when viewing a vehicle (purchase, updates, transporation, etc.) and determine which tabs they will have access to: purchase, updates, transportation, reconditioning, pictures, documents, marketing, sale, registration and profit. You can also determine which operational reports they have access to: reconditioning activity, vehicles that are sold, ready to sell, with pending inventory loans, need assessment, reconditioning, registration. This level of granularity gives you full control. Do you want a user to be able to see the reconditioning process but not change anything? Give them access to the reconditioning tab and reports but do not give them reconditioning permission. Voila!

Our operational reports are different from the business intelligence reports in the sense that one is for running the dealership on a day-to-day basis (operational reports) and the other is primarily used for viewing the big picture and making strategical decisions (business intelligence reports). Business intelligence reports show key performance indicators of your business, such as costs broken down by categories, purchase ages of your inventory and how it changes over time, sale days, etc. We will soon have performance reporting on a sales person basis in business intelligence reports.

In general, more users mean more support for us, therefore, the pricing changes based on the number of users you plan to have. Please see the pricing section in our website for detailed information.

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