Dealer Transportation Software

auto transportation

Auctions are the primary source of vehicles for many car dealers. It is not uncommon for dealers to purchase vehicles from remote auction sites and have them transported to their sale locations. If you have multiple dealerships and you are trying to optimize your transportation process, it can be a real problem. It is like a travel agent organizing flight plans of multiple people at the same time and it can be very challenging. This is known as the dealer automotive transportation process.

Carsinia dealer software makes this transportation process easier to manage. You can record multiple transportation routes per vehicle, enter their costs and the transportation company. If you are actually driving the car from one location to another, you can even set the odometer change. You can set the target sale locations for vehicles. This way, you can arrange your cars as if they have their own itinerary.

Carsinia takes it one step further and provides bulk update functionality of auto transportation. When a transportation truck arrives, you can set the arrival date, cost, etc. for multiple vehicles at the same time. This saves time and effort. If you have arranged for transportation hubs, this functionality makes it exceptionally easy for you and your employees to manage your cars transportation process.

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