Henry Clay Motors

We were at a critical growth stage at Henry Clay Motors, trying to get from 30 cars a month to 100, and we found that our operations were the stumbling block. So, we started looking for a software solution that would integrate our website, inventory management, vehicle reconditioning, marketing and F&I functions. Because our people aren't the best with computers, the system also needed to be easy to use and we didn't want to spend a fortune either. The team at Carsinia were the answer. Their software solutions are fantastic and after using them for the past 5 years, there is no doubt in my mind that Carsinia was the catalyst in getting us to 100 car sales per month.

Global Remarketing

As we sit here reflecting on recent times we realize you have done for us, in a few weeks, what others have been unable or unwilling to do in 2 years. All we can say to you good folks is thank you for your willingness and vast efforts to step out of the box and listen to those of us who live outside the box. This is confirmation of the vision I saw and told you of in our first conversation. A vision I first had in 1997 I finally found in early 2013 in the depths of my most difficult time in recent memory. You are the highest order and best example of SERVICE we have ever encountered in our 40 years of business. God bless you and thank you so much!

Detroit Auto Direct

Not only is it affordable, the Carsina team were quick to adapt parts of the program to meet our specific needs. They were happy to work with us and intent on making the system work for us.

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