Carsinia Dealer Management System Release Version 2

Here you can find the release notes for Carsinia Web Based Dealer Software Version 2 focusing on Websites and Deals Management.

Carsinia v2.8 is released on 06/16/2011.

    • Reduced Ghosting Probability: We now use different image names for different posts. Re-generation of images are still possible for individual posts. It is now possible to upload images to Craigslist as well. Templates now include content for location - account specific phone and email can be used for it. All templates can use custom tokens. We now record the post title, location and body and make sure that the custom token values are generated for new posts in a way to minimize ghosting probability. Dynamic templates can shuffle order of custom tokens. Custom tokens can have a wrapper that can randomize font, size and color of the token. We also have a few new built-in tokens for two-column vehicle image list, single word unique string and other vehicles list. Some other enhancements: get rid of tabs, new lines and repeated words and repeated spaces in titles and locations. We also trim them and truncate them gracefully to the maximum length of the field.
    • Reporting: Fixed reporting of Craigslist views, improved performance in bulk post reporting screen. It is now possible to see the post with a single click.
    • Posting Process: Fixed a number of bugs. Error conditions are handled better now. Increased the generated image quality for the posts. Clients can now preview the ad before posting in an HTML editor, make adjustments, add comments from the comment builder, randomize tokens and fine tune the post.
    • Post Management: We have a new automatic account creation utility, delete post utility and bulk delete ghosted posts utility. New settings for clients: template, ip, account frequency limits, enable bulk upload of previously posted vehicle, delete active listing privilege, view all posts of a vehicle in bulk post screen.
  • DEALS AND FORMS: If all payments are the same, last payment will disappear in deal wizard and retail installment contracts. We can now fine tune the output and design size for dot matrix forms. We added Michigan DMV forms. We can specify the sale date on deals. All fees can be adjusted as taxable or non-taxable. A finance cost can be added for loans. Clients can also define custom costs for vehicles and deals.
  • VEHICLE EXPORT: Clients can now quickly export any operational report to Excel. It is also possible to define more comprehensive reports and exports with the export design utility. This can be used for exporting sales to Quickbooks. We also added new fields to reports and exports: buyer, sale staff, service contract, fees, gap, revenue, costs, profit, etc.
  • Floor plan enhancements: clients can now add explicit invoices from floor plan lenders with principle, fee and interest. It is also possible to enter a reduction in principle and interest. Payments can be made explicitly to the principle, fee and interest of the loan.
  • Sale commissions for vehicles. They are counted as costs.
  • All website emails create leads in the system (Contact us, Sell Us Your Vehicle, Schedule Appointment, etc.)
  • Customer call again date and time. This can be used for checking who the sales people are supposed to call on a particular day.
  • Removed image limitation of Autotrader posts.

Carsinia v2.7 is released on 05/05/2011.

    • Reduced Ghosting Probability: use Amazon S3 for hosting images, do not allow non-American IPs for posts, proxies can be defined with accounts, firefox emulation in user agent, not sending permanent cookies to Craigslist, dynamic templates, custom tokens that will randomly pick a number of expressions to be used in a post, improved titles and repetitive token
    • Reporting: Show thumbnail of vehicle picture, view counts, posting status (Ghosted, Active, Posting, Expired), used IP address, used account in bulk posting screen and show sub category and proxy IP in account list
    • Post Management: Do not allow deletion of posts, do not allow posting of a vehicle if it was attempted in the past 48 hours, time limits on accounts, templates and IP addresses (once per 48 hours), ability to deactivate templates and accounts.
    • Posting Process: a lot of bug fixes, phone verification handling during post, password reset handling during post, wrong password handling during post, changes due to Craigslist upgrades, error handling for phone number cannot be verified and too rapid phone verification.
  • DOCUMENTS AND FORMS: made each fee editable on the purchase order form, tax bug fix in purchase order form, power of attorney form bug fix, Texas Department of Transportation county of title issuance form, new fees in credit application, new finance fields available in NCR forms, emailing and faxing forms.
  • DEAL WIZARD: rollback/adjust deal, option to make documentation fee taxable, monthly payment last payment amount handling, additional/odd days handling, recap printing, show reserve as profit, participation commission as cost.
  • Send inventory to and Autotrader flags for vehicles.
  • New menu - superfish

Carsinia v2.6 is released on 03/26/2011.

  • EBAY POSTINGS: Clients can now setup ebay accounts automatically. National fixed price and auction listings are now supported with best offer, start price and reserve price options. Fees are shown prior to posting for confirmation. eBay template improvements include an auto starting slideshow of vehicle images, carfax link, banner, terms and conditions.
  • Craigslist enhancements: improved flow and performance, bug fixes, handle captcha request at login and handle invalid password errors.
  • Comment builder: A set of common phrases used in vehicle comments are available as comment templates upon client setup to help dealers jog their memory for writing comments.
  • Retail purchase agreement - Purchase Contract: Completely configurable, name, terms and conditions. You can setup fees in any order you like and setup formulas for different lines.
  • Custom vehicle fields: clients can now define up to 4 vehicle drop down fields. You can set the name of the field and options. These fields will become available in documents, vehicle entry, viewing and listing.
  • Custom fees: clients can now define up to 4 fees that can be used in deals, sales and documents.
  • Custom deal statuses: Clients can now define own deal status codes and set deals at a particular status.
  • Nightly inventory feed to Credit Acceptance Corp.
  • Title fee is now tracked separately from the license and registration fees.
  • New Documents: Texas registration, odometer disclosure, application for title, non-disclosure of SSN, power of attorney to transfer motor vehicles
  • Credit application form submitted from the website now creates a lead in the backend automatically.
  • Reconditioning enhancements: new part fields added - stock number, color, manufacturer. It is now possible to use up to 5 parts in one reconditioning work step.
  • New fields available in deal lists: color, miles, VIN, stock number, lender, customer phone, co-buyer name.
  • Credit application PDF: Added dealer info to both pages, added lender notes.
  • CRM enhancements: you can now filter customers by their source marketing channel.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements: help info about SSL in secure forms on websites, value my trade emails additional info, website forms additional emails, new fields available in vehicle reports, performance improvements, minor bug fixes.

Carsinia v2.5 is released on 01/25/2011.

  • eBay posting: It is now possible to post your vehicles from Carsinia to eBay. Currently only the classified postings are supported as beta. Clients can setup multiple templates and completely customize them in HTML. National listings are coming soon.
  • Territories: For better reporting in CRM, clients can setup territories and assign customers to territories and then use them in CRM reports and sales performance analysis.
  • New Vehicle Field: FIN (Fleet Identification Number).
  • New Forms: Utah DMV title and Odometer reading forms.
  • Organize marketing section into tabs and minor bug fixes.

Carsinia v2.4 is released on 12/26/2010.

  • NCR Forms: It is now possible to print NCR Forms and design them with our Form Wizard. Clients can upload images or PDF files for working on tokens with a background and move tokens around. These forms are different from our standard PDF forms and can be adjusted to a fine detail with margins, size and fonts. They are used mostly with dot-matrix printers and pre-printed NCR forms, also known as carbonless copy forms.

Carsinia v2.3 is released on 12/19/2010.

  • CREDCO Integration live: Carsinia can now provide credit reports through integration with CredCo. This feature is now at GA (General Availability).
  • It is now possible to pull credit reports in deal wizard as well as for existing customer and leads.
  • Custom customer status codes: clients can now create their own customer status codes and mark different stages of a customer life cycle as they wish.
  • Do not email and do not call fields: if a customer does not wish to be contacted via phone or email, it is now possible to record them in the system.
  • Assigning sales people to customers: it is now possible to assign a sales person to a customer. Clients can check out the sales queue of the sales rep with customer status info.
  • CRM report enhancements: clients can now filter and group the crm report by a date range, sales person or the location.
  • Rebates: rebates are effectively a down payment. When dealers receive a rebate from the manufaturer they can enter the rebate receive date. There is also a report that shows which vehicles are waiting for their rebates to come.
  • Parts database and tracking: Carsinia now has a preliminary parts tracking system. It consists of 3 interfaces: managing parts, orders and reconditioning work. Orders increment stock count while reconditioning work decrements.
  • Participation enhancements: it is now possible to enter initial reserve payment and commission for it in deal wizard. Clients can then edit reserve payments and enter charge backs or buyer loan payments at vehicle sale tab.
  • Change the way participation commission percentage is used for better usability
  • Dead deal: It is now possible to mark a deal dead to distinguish from active/closed deals
  • Search, pagination and filter deals by location, start/end date, status and user
  • New warranty fields: implied, limited, labor percent, parts percent, 10 systems covered and their durations
  • Buyer's guide printing: it is possible to have two warranties per sale. The warranty information will be entered automatically.
  • UCC Financing form
  • New York Snowmobile registration form.
  • New User Permissions: needs rebate report, add/edit customers, credit reports, CRM, deal wizard.
  • Dealer name and address in credit application is added.
  • It is now possible to enter notes for a dealer location.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements in forms with Internet Explorer, CRM, forms.

Carsinia v2.2 is released on 12/05/2010.

  • EZ Dealer Finance Integration: EZ Dealer Finance clients can now submit their credit applications for their customers directly from Carsinia to lenders and check their application status and close with lenders. This is added as an additional step to the deal wizard.
  • Universal credit application form: This is a generic credit application form provided by Carsinia. It can be filled automatically and sent to the lenders for quick loan applications.
  • Security enhancements: record successful and unsuccessful logins, lock out users after 5 invalid logins, session regeneration at login, number check on client ID at login.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements in CUDL autosmart inventory feed, participation calculations, deal wizard for Internet Explorer, editing website contents and CRM reports.

Carsinia v2.1 is released on 11/21/2010.

  • SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS: Security fixes in chart server and back button, enforced SSL, disabled trace and track methods, removed test scripts, XSS (cross-site scripting fixes), limit information in error messages.
  • New customer and co-customer fields: middle name, employer address, military flag, income frequency, other housing type, previous address, previous employer information, previous repo and bankruptcy info, open car loan flag and credit score.
  • New vehicle fields: vehicle type (auto, motorcycle, scooter, atv, snowmobile, rv, marine), retail and wholesale book value and book used.
  • New deal fields: warranties, health insurance, credit life insurance, other taxable and non-taxable fees, lease flag.
  • CUDL Autosmart inventory feed: Carsinia can now send inventory feeds to CUDL Autosmart.
  • Bug fixes in quick quote and deal wizard tax calculations.

Carsinia v2.0 is released on 11/11/2010.

  • DEAL WIZARD: This new feature offers a convenient and conventional way of structuring deals using Carsinia. It is our desking module. Clients can enter a new deal or load an existing deal. They can work on the deal structure (price, fees, cash down, trade, loan info, payments, etc), select an existing customer or enter a new one, select an existing vehicle or enter a new one, enter trade vehicle info if there is any, print deal forms like registration and bill of sale, enter notes, calculate profits and finally close the deal and turn it into a sale. Closed deal sale information can be edited in vehicle sale tab.
  • Quick quote: This new feature offers a way to quickly calculate loan payments for possible scenarios and work out the best possible deal for a customer. Dealer can then print out the information as a quote.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements in forms. © 2019