Carsinia vehicle reconditioning process

recondition vehicle

"Sinia" may have a connection to the word "Saint". This is very fitting for our product since we help dealers recondition cars, nurturing them back to health.

Carsinia recognizes that every dealer has a different auto reconditioning process. You can define the reconditioning steps you use in Carsinia administration panel. Some examples of reconditioning steps are: change tires, auto detailing, order CD player, any vehicle repairs, etc. You can also define your vendors in the same vein, which are other companies you do business with. For example if you use Autozone to order parts, you can enter them as a vendor. If you would like to report on your mechanics like a vendor, you can define them as vendors as well. The car reconditioning process setup is typically an organic process - you set it up as-you-go.

After the purchase of your vehicles (and possibly after transportation to the sale or repair location), you need to inspect them and determine your reconditioning plan for the vehicle. This is called "assessment" and it is the initial phase in automotive reconditioning. In Carsinia you can easily view the vehicles that need assessment in the "Needs Assessment" report. You can then enter the reconditioning plan for the vehicle in Carsinia, and decide who is going to execute what step with estimated costs, start and end dates. You can track the progress of the reconditioning in two ways: from the vendor activity report - which shows the completed/pending reconditioning activity of a vendor (or your mechanic) and from the "Needs Reconditioning" report - which show the vehicles that have pending reconditioning steps in their plans and that are not ready for sale. These two reports help you manage every aspect of your dealer reconditioning process.

Do you want to track the progress on the parts you ordered from a vendor? Enter them as part of your reconditioning process. The vendor activity report will show you all the parts you received and the ones you are waiting on. Do you wonder how much time it takes on average to recondition a vehicle? You can view the changes in an easy-to-read chart in our business intelligence reports.

A key part of managing your mechanics is going over to the shop and actually talking to them about the reconditioning items you see as important. You can take a print-out from all reports and go over there and talk to them. At the end of the day, they can come and report the items they completed. You can even update multiple vehicles as ready for sale based on their input.

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