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Carsinia dealer software makes it easy for you to enter new purchased vehicles. This article explains the design of Carsinia dealer management system purchase process.

Consumers tend to go to the same places for purchasing their needs. The same holds true for the car dealers. Dealerships purchase their inventory though 3-4 different channels like auctions, trades, walk-ins. It is important to know and anlyze where and how you are getting your vehicles. You may ask questions like: are the vehicles from Manheim auction more profitable than Adesa? Do they sell quicker? What percentage of my inventory is coming from walk-ins? In Carsinia administration panel, you can define your purchase/sale channels as "Markets". A market can be defined at any granularity you wish. For example, you may choose to define Manheim, Adesa or Brashers auctions separately or even go one step further and define Manheim Los Angeles and Manheim San Diego auctions as different channels. It all depends on how you would like to report on them. We will have such reports in the near future.

Add new vehicle screen is used to enter new purchased vehicles and it is intended to be very easy to use. Even though the customers are distinguished from vehicles in the backend, you can create the customer vehicle is purchased from in this screen as you are entering the vehicle information. The inputs are organized in 4 categories: seller information (the customer vehicle is purchased from), vehicle information (year, brand, vin, odometer, color, etc.), purchase information (purchase channel/market, purchase date, amount, fees, location, lien, etc.) and payment information (how are you paying for this vehicle). The payment options are very flexible - you can enter payment by any combination of cash, check, credit card or through inventory loan. Inventory loans are used frequently at auction sites. As you enter these values, the totals will be shown at the bottom of the page automatically. If you have a cell phone with internet connection, you can even do this directly from the auction sites.

In the vehicle information, if you are using another system that you would like to link your vehicle to, you can set an external ID. This will help with your operations and if you are migrating from another dealer management system, alleviate the difficulties in moving to a new dealer software solution. You have full control over the brands, models, trims, colors and body types you would like to use or hide. For these fields, you can use them in this screen during vehicle entry. In many dealer management systems, you do not have this freedom. You have to go along with the brand/model database given by the DMS. If you buy or sell Asian or European models that are not available in standard U.S. vehicle databases (such as Opel, Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, etc.), this is a real problem. With Carsinia, you can define your own brands and models and not encounter this problem at all.

To make it easier for users, very few fields are required in new vehicle entry screen. You can always edit the purchase information in detail later in vehicle purchase tab. Trades are typically entered during the sale process. For more information on our trade process, see Carsinia sales process in our website.

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