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World is changing at break neck speed. Not too long ago having a nice Windows based user interface was considered cutting edge technology. These programs are now part of the past. Everything is becoming online, and for good reason, too. What does it mean to be online? Read on and it will become clear. Here are some of the advantages of having an online dealer software solution like Carsinia:

Online Storage: In contrast with a Windows based solution, online software solutions are not in your computer. They reside in other places. For example, for Carsinia we have a computer (a server) that you can access with your internet browser. This architecture makes it very easy for us to allow multiple users access the system at the same time. In older Windows based dealer management systems (DMS) that support multiple users, one of YOUR computers was designated as a server. If you needed more than 5-10 people accessing the system at the same time, you may have needed to BUY a new computer specifically for this. If you had multiple locations, connecting them through this server was a technological feat. Even after you did that, you needed to make sure that the server is on all the time. If for example, some busybody decided to turn off the server to save electricity, your entire system would be offline. We take care of all those problems in Carsinia. You do not need to purchase any additional computers and configure them. You do not need to make sure our server is online. We make sure that it is, so that you can focus on your business.

Reliability: Windows dealer management systems require that you take regular backups. Maintaining this process can be quite a hassle. Moreover, if for whatever reason your server crashes, you may end up losing all your data. Carsinia online DMS is regularly backed up. We make sure that we have a reliable running system so that you can focus on your business.

Easy Access: When you have an in-house DMS running on Windows, you can generally access it only from your desk. Some systems allow it to be accessed from your dealership network but it typically requires a lot of setup. Accessing your system from home would be an even greater hassle, you may need something called VPN (Virtual Private Network). When you travel, it is really difficult to retrieve information from your DMS. With Carsinia, all you need is an internet connection and a browser. You can even access your dealership data in internet cafes anywhere around the world. It is updated online, so you can track what your employees are doing even when you travel.

No Setup: All Windows applications require setup in your computer. It may be necessary to do this on multiple machines and this process may be problematic, not to mention possible security implications associated with setting up a program in your computer. With Carsinia online DMS, you do not need any setup. All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you are ready to use your system.

Quick Updates: Suppose that you found a problem in your Windows DMS. You called the company and they confirmed that it is a problem in their product. Now you're in trouble. Even if they do agree to send you an updated version (which typically takes at least one week), you will need to install the new version in all your computers. You will need to do this again and again everytime there is an update to their application. With Carsinia, if you do see a problem in our software, we can fix it immediately. You will actually see the problem getting resolved in front of your eyes as you are talking on the phone with us. We will let you know any scheduled updates and introduce new features regularly.

Remote Assistence: When you are using a Windows DMS, a lot of the times things may not go as expected from one computer to the other. When you have a problem and you call support, they will not be able to see what you see. They may even ask that you install another software for them to be able to see what you see. In Carsinia online DMS, we can see the same screens that you see easily.

If you have an existing Windows DMS, we would strongly recommend moving to Carsinia. Since there are many dealer management systems and some use proprietary formats, it may not always be possible to migrate your data automatically but we would be happy to try. If you are a new dealership and considering whether you should get a Windows or online DMS, we hope you can see the advantages of Carsinia and setup an account with us. Contact us for more information and demonstration. © 2019