Email Hosting Services for Car Dealers

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When it comes to dealer online services, email is the elephant in the room. All clients expect it by default with a lot of related features but they do not realize how much goes on in the backend to make it happen. Email requires a big infrastructure like websites - maybe even more. But since there is no real visual effects to be seen, it is not so glamorous. In any case, email is a vital part of running a dealer because that's where the customers come from.

If you have any questions about whether you should have a domain name, website and email that goes with it, you can stop your internal dialog. In this day and age, all car dealers need a website with a distinct domain name and email that goes with it. If you have a dealership called Bob's Motor Lot, get a domain name like Having a dealership and advertising a yahoo or aol email just does not look professional. A common scenario is to have a domain based email and have it forward the emails to the gmail or some other account. The problem with that is the replies. When you reply to a mail from yahoo account, it shows. It is best to have at least one mailbox in your domain email and check it separately. It is more work but think of it as separating your work and personal life. With our software, you can create mailboxes and change passwords for them easily. Then you can create aliases. Continuing with the example above, you can setup a mailbox like and then have forward emails to your main mailbox. You can create mailboxes and forwards yourself.

Let's say you had an employee with a mailbox and now you want his emails to come to you. Easy. You just change the name of the old mailbox, so that you can check the emails there if you need to. If there are no emails, you can simply delete the mailbox. Then you create a forwarding email with the same name. Done. Renaming a mailbox is a great tool that allows you to archive old employee emails.

SPAM is a pain for every one and even more so for the car dealers. Especially if you post your email address to public sites like Craigslist you will get a lot of of it. No spam filter is perfect and they can all make mistakes. We use one of the best spam filters called Spam Assassin. The key is not to delete an email because it might be spam. Our system marks potential spam emails with a subject prefix like *** SPAM ***. The spam filter scores each incoming email automatically and determines how likely it is that it is spam. You can set your protection to low, medium or high based on this scoring. You can also set whitelists (emails from these people are never spam) or blacklists (emails from these people are always spam). Our spam filter gets smarter as you receive more emails with auto-training.

With Carsinia, you can access your email in a variety of ways. We can help you setup your smart phone (Blackberry, iPhone or Android) to receive emails to your phone directly. You can also use a computer to access your email via Microsoft Outlook or use our great webmail system. Our webmail features a user interface like Outlook and also provides an online address book and calendar. You saw an email coming through and not marked as spam? Mark it yourself. This will help our spam filter get smarter. The same is true the other way around. If you see an email incorrectly marked as spam, you can mark it to be innocent.

Finally, you can setup out of office auto responder emails and get on that cruise that you wanted to go for some time. Your emails will be waiting when you get back.

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