Easy Auto Dealer Software

easy auto dealer software

Usability is a key design decision in our application. We recognize that your business is to sell cars and our business is to make your life easier. We cannot do that if our product is unusable. To ensure that we have an easy user interface, we strive to incorporate your suggestions in Carsinia auto dealer software solution. We believe in the synergy of companies and clients. Our product is better thanks to our customers.

There are 4 main areas in our auto dealer software: administration, vehicles, reports and billing. Administration section is primarily used for customizing Carsinia to fit your needs. Here you can manage your locations, users, lenders, terms, warranties, brands, body types, colors, vendors you work with, setup your reconditioning process and other options. In billing section you can view and edit your billing information and invoices.

Dealer inventory management happens in vehicles section where you can add new purchased vehicles and update or delete existing ones. In this section we also have a number of operational reports where you can search and view your inventory and sold vehicles. You can search for your vehicles from any screen in the application quickly as well. Once you reach the vehicle screen, you can see that the information is organized in tabs: purchase, updates (any updates to vehicle main information is logged with user and date/time), transportation, reconditioning, pictures, documents, marketing, sale, registration and profit. You can also bulk update multiple vehicles at once for some fields.

Our operational reports are different from the business intelligence reports in the sense that one is for running the dealership on a day-to-day basis (operational reports) and the other is primarily used for viewing the big picture and making strategical decisions (business intelligence reports). Business intelligence reports show key performance indicators of your business, such as costs broken down by categories, purchase ages of your inventory and how it changes over time, sale days, etc.

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