Carsinia Auto Dealer Management and Document Software: Form Generation, Online Storage

We have two types of forms: PDF and NCR. PDF forms are used with standard modern printers and papers. Most DMV forms for example are available as PDF forms. You can also have bill of sale, buyers guide, purchase or sale docs, credit reports, loan apps, etc. We are always adding new forms as requested by our clients. Our dealer software can fill in the fields in PDF forms that can be sent from the DMS. After that you can add any other info you need and print to have the buyer sign them.

NCR forms are used with dot matrix printers. They are used with some legal docs and credit apps. They have 2 or 3 thin layers of paper printed at the same time. This paper is called carbonless copy paper or CCP for short. Since NCR invented them they are also called NCR paper or NCR forms. You can scan and upload your NCR forms in our system and add tokens with our form wizard. Only the tokens are printed with NCR forms. It is very easy to adjust margins and widths for your printer.

After printing forms, you can upload files for your vehicles. If you would like to store your printed documents in digital format, you will need to scan them. For more info on this process, see definition of scanner and imaging.

The advantage of document organization is clear. You can find them when you are looking for it. The questions are mostly about how it can be done. Where will they be stored? Where will people need to go to access them? How can they be available to the people that need them? You can attach files for your cars in our system. In order to retrieve a vehicle document you simply click on it. Your browser will either display them or ask for where you would like to download them, depending on the file type. For most file types that you view, you can also save a copy in your computer. Contrast this with other solutions where you must prepare a shared network drive. You would allocate a computer and hard drive space for it. You might even contract an I.T. person. Or you may choose to go and buy an online space for saving your documents. Our DMS provides this function for you in addition to all the dealer management and marketing features.

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