Car Dealer Websites and Inventory Listings Management

dealer websites image: research online, find business and make a purchase process sums up the main benefits. contact us for a demonstration and more details. we can help with design, search engine optimization and social media optimization.

We provide custom auto dealer websites with inventory listings and contact forms. Website is a crucial part of your online marketing. Managing your website content is very easy with our software. You can add or edit static HTML pages from the backend using an editor like Word. What you see in the editor is what you get in the front end. Your pages will show up in your website unless you set them hidden. Our file manager is the key to editing your pages. You want to add an image? Upload it and then drag and drop it in your page right where you want it. Adding or changing inventory listings in your websites is just as easy. With filters you can adjust your inventory listings just the way you like it. Some examples are: all Honda vehicles, Used vehicles, New vehicles, Vehicles under $10K, etc. All of the content is ready for SEO. You will see the increase in your sales right after getting a dealer website with us.

We have 4 types of forms that can be placed in your website: contact us, sell us your vehicle, schedule appointment and apply for credit. All forms are submitted on secure channels with SSL. You do not need to spend the extra money for getting an SSL certificate. You can place forms anywhere in your website menu. You can adjust the forms with HTML, Javascript and CSS. With these tools you create any look and feel you like. Sounds complicated? Do not worry. We will do it for you.

Our listings present a professional image and we can make any changes you like. You can display Carfax reports in your website if you have an account with them. All vehicles pages contain various contact options: schedule test drive, value my trade, etc. If you already have a website, we can work with you on migrating your website. If you would like to keep your website and provide only inventory listings in your existing website in a section we can help you with that, too. We will setup your listing styles to match your website. If you have PHP in your current website, we can do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your car listings. If not, we can setup an iframe integration which does not help SEO. Please check our dealer marketing software page for details.

A lot of companies provide a limited number of pages that can be added to your website. With our DMS you can fully customize your menus and pages. If you have a designer, you can create an account and give him or her FTP permissions for uploading your images. Using an image in your static HTML pages is very easy using our content editor. If you need any help with the styling, we will be happy to provide custom CSS (Cascading Styling Sheets). If you have an experienced designer team they can do that as well.

Our menus are elegant in design but can be changed in any way you like. When you add, edit or delete your contents, the menu will change automatically. If you have a URL you would like to be added to the menu, you can do that as well. For custom menus that will match your existing web site you can enter raw HTML. With your banner repository, raw HTML banner, page header and footer, we can create any website you can imagine with our software.

You see the real benefit of a website when you rank high in Google. We provide all the features needed for search engine optimization. You can enter automatic SEO tokens for your vehicles and override on a vehicle basis. If you know SEO, you might be impressed with the fact that we support canonical tags. All images can have alt tags including the banner. Our websites do not contain flash files by default but you can use them if you like. In short, our websites are search engine friendly and nearly search engine optimized from the get-go.

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