Dealer Software

Carsinia provides articles in this section to inform our customers about various aspects for car dealer software solutions. Auto software industry can be said to be in a transitionary state. It is very partitioned and there are many companies that compete in this arena but none of them provide everything expected from a dealer management system (DMS). This is not the case in some other more mature areas of computer applications like accounting (market leader: Intuit Quickbooks), email client (market leader: Microsoft Outlook), or image editing (market leader: Adobe Photoshop).

Being web based is essential these days. Purchasing used cars from auctions needs to be tracked. Then they need to be transported and reconditioned. Floor planning is used by many businesses until the vehicle is sold. Once ready for sale, cars should be marketed in the websites, where it should be possible to easily create custom pages for better search engine optimization. When having a special event, email campaigns are a great way of advertising it. Other marketing methods include automatic distribution to car dealer sites like autotrader. When you receive an inquiry about a car's technical specifications, you should be able to see it with VIN analysis. Leads and cold calls should be tracked with a CRM and sales force performance should be analyzed. At sale time, you need to be able to check credit score, check legal compliance, submit consumer finance application to lenders and have them bid on it (and pick the one with the biggest dealer spread) and automatically generate the sales PDF document. At the end of it all, you also need business intelligence to see how you are doing.

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