Dealer Online Marketing: Autotrader,, Craigslist and eBay

auto dealer online marketing software by Carsinia: autotrader,, craigslist, ebay - contact us for more info

Whatever you have, you must either use or lose. Henry Ford said this long before online world was even dreamed up. In today's competitive market place car dealers must use all resources to sell their vehicles. Online marketing is a key channel that no dealer can afford to ignore any more. This does not mean the other dealer marketing channels should be abandoned, though. You have to use all channels for marketing. The hard part is deciding how much to spend for marketing and on which channels. Does Autotrader bring in more leads than Google? Should I invest in paper ads or TV ads? How many cars have I sold through my website? How much did I spend in total for marketing? Our DMS makes it possible for you to answer these questions.

Marketing without a website is like giving TV ads without a car lot. We provide full fledged dealer websites. If you already have a website and would like to keep it we can also serve listings that can be shown there. You can adjust all your website contents so that they will rank high in search engines. Our online listings and contact forms are designed to impress and be easy to use at the same time. Enter VIN, upload pictures, set comments and your cars are online. Website is the online face for many dealers and inventory listings are a major part of it. VIN decoder will display tech specs, options and features. Our software will find similar vehicles and list them without any input from you. You can also show a Youtube video and the carfax report. Website users can email you with forms like schedule test drive, get a quote, value my trade, etc. Please contact us for a demo of how your website can look. Prepare to be impressed.

A major plus of Internet marketing is that it can be done mostly without user input. A car that you set as ready for marketing will be sent nightly to car sales sites like Autotrader and Autotrader and are the two biggest names that can bring leads on the Internet. Our integration is much better than other DMS products and we can post videos to as well. You can also post your vehicles to Craigslist in a semi automated way. Craigslist has certain restrictions (please see their terms of use and read our Craigslist blog for details) but we make your posting as simple as possible.

Last but not least, you can post your vehicles to eBay Motors. Currently we support eBay local market listings but we will add national listings soon. Local market listings are more profitable and you can post 6 cars per year for free. They are in classified format. If you have a dealer account, you can set it to be listed as best offer as well. National listings are mostly in auction format. This is a much more complex format that is used for quickly selling your vehicles. It is best used for vehicles that have been sitting on your lot for some time. All our templates are completely customizable.

For other channels and marketing sites you can simply keep track of your postings in our DMS. You can add posting date, costs, channel, URL, etc. It is possible to define your own marketing channels in our software.You can view postings and marketing efforts for a vehicle. You can also upload images that can be used for these postings. They can be stored in a central place and can be used on any site. You can even set comment templates that you use often in your postings.

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