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Anything that can be measured can be improved.

Do you think that your sales are not as profitable as they used to be? Or is there a significant improvement? Are you making good decisions in purchasing? What about your reconditioning process? Is your shop efficient? How are you doing in this economy in respect to your competitors?

These are all important questions for you as a business owner. In any industry, business intelligence is not only a competitive advantage anymore but is a necessity to be able to keep up with the market. On top of running day-to-day operations, Carsinia is a very powerful business intelligence software that provides you with ample reports that help you answer these questions.

We currently have 6 main dealer business intelligence reports: Costs, Sales, Profits, CRM, Participation and Online Leads. These reports are separate from the operational reports used to run the business on a day-to-day basis. Business intelligence reports give you the big picture of your dealership. They are all displayed with easy-to-read charts and in all of them you can drill-down to deeper levels for further information about a particular data point.

In costs report, you can analyze your purchases and subsequent expenses related to reconditioning, marketing, transportation, sales, and you can drill down to the cost category and then to the vehicle level to see any outstanding points in the chart. In sales report, you can view your sales and how good your purchase decisions were and how your sales levels are progressing. This report will display your average sales age, average turn age, among other metrics and how they change over time. Profit report displays information of how your business is doing. In many aspects this is the most important report and shows how all your stratetigical decisions come together. CRM report shows the performance of your sales people. Participation report is about how much you are making from selling loans. Online leads report gives info about your website and Craigslist view stats.

In addition to the business intelligence reports, Carsinia also has another set of reports for running day-to-day operations (hence they are called operational reports). You do not need to go and buy a dealer report software as all of these reports are highly customizable. You can color-code certain vehicles based on the criteria you enter and/or change the fields shown in the report in just the way you like it. Some examples of these operational reports:

  • Vehicles that are ready for sale
  • Vehicles that need inventory loan payment
  • Vehicles that need reconditioning assessment
  • Vehicles that are in the process of reconditioning
  • Vendor/mechanic reconditioning activity (shows progress down to a vendor/mechanic level)
  • Vehicles that need/waiting for registration
  • Sold vehicles

Combined effect of these reports is that you can answer strategical questions about your business and take directed actions. Business intelligence profit impact is still not well understood and underestimated by many business owners. Carsinia aspires to give you a competitive advantage in this market using these information tools. We are always open to building new reports and implement feedback from customers very fast. If you need more reports, just let us know and it will be there in a very short time. We plan to build more reports in the future to increase the depth of knowledge for our customers.

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