Car Dealer CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) and Sales Force Management

CRM Customer Relationship Management for Car Dealers

Customer is the king. This was true at the first trade of mankind and even more so in this day and age. You need to maintain good relations with the king. And that is what the CRM is about.

Here are the 3 phases for a sale: acquisition, conversion and retention. For some car dealers this may not look important at first. After all most people buy cars once every 3-4 years. Why bother retaining them? Successful dealers get most of their customers through referrals. Happy customers mean more referrals and that means more sales. Low customer satisfaction may easily cost you your business.

So, what should you do to retain them apart from good service and quality cars? Having info about them would be a good start. Remember what you sold to them. You should be consistent as an organization. If one of your sales people gave a quote, you should see it next time they call. That would be very helpful for converting leads to customers. Or if you get a call about a vehicle you sold, you want to look at the sales info and any notes that you had during the sale. The credit report, birth date, calls, test drives, visits all give valuable clues about how you should act when you are face to face with the customer. Recording your interactions with the customer requires a software and that is called the CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

CRM software systems should be used by all employees but they are mostly used by the sales force. This is because their performance is evaluated as such. How many calls did you make or take? How many test drives? How many sales? How many emails? Sales is all about communication. CRM is naturally the perfect place to check for sales force performances. This is done through reports. You would like to see how you are doing overall and then probably drill down into best and worst performers. CRM is the place where you calculate your sales commisions.

Carsinia is a web based dealer CRM software integrated with your DMS (dealer management system). The ideal sales process with Carsinia is as follows (website is provided by Carsinia as well):

  • Visitors to your website (through SEO, links, referrals, online/offline marketing)
  • Receive emails or calls from leads
  • Enter the lead to the system and all communication: visits, calls, test drives, emails
  • Check the credit report and determine vehicle and financing options
  • Sell a vehicle to the lead (customer)
  • Post-sale communication is kept in the CRM as well

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