Craigslist Setup: Automatic Posting Software for Car Dealers, Bulk Posts, Manual Post, Inventory Upload

Setting up Craigslist can be frustrating. Please email or call us if you have any questions. Your account comes with a few default craigslist templates. You can update them as you like by going to Marketing section and selecting craigslist settings. In this screen you can setup your templates and your craigslist accounts/sites. In your templates there are 3 special tokens you may want to use:

  • %REPETITIVE_TOKEN%: This is a long string of random string of repeated characters. It is used by some dealers to throw Craigslist ghosting mechanism off. It may or may not be successful.
  • %UNIQUE_TOKEN%: This is a random word-like concatanation of characters to make sure that your posting has some unique text. Identical posts will be ghosted in Craigslist.
  • %VIEW_TRACKER%: This is a nearly invisible image (1 px white image) that can be used to track views on Craigslist.

You can enter your accounts in posting sites. Here is how you can find the URL of the site you want to post to:

  • Login to craigslist
  • Go to the city / category you would like to post to
  • Start a post
  • The URL you see in your browser navigation window is the posting site URL. Copy and paste it to in Carsinia add/edit posting site window.

You can enter the same site URL multiple times with different Craigslist accounts to be able to use multiple accounts for postings. Note that you will need a distinct phone number to be able to create each Craigslist account.

USING AN ACCOUNT/IP COMBINATION MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK MAY RESULT IN YOUR POSTING TO BE GHOSTED. It may be OK to post as frequent as once a day. How frequent you can post depends on your location and the site that you are trying to post to, your template and previous number of posts. Generally speaking, once a week is OK.

The recommended steps for setting up your Craigslist account:

  • Manual post first for one vehicle.
  • Automated post of one vehicle.
  • Bulk posting with proxies.

Craigslist Manual Posts

In order to do a manual post, find your vehicle and go to the marketing tab. Click on Post To Craigslist link. Make sure that you have pulled the VIN analysis, uploaded the pictures and entered marketing comments and setup your craigslist templates and sites/accounts. Stock images of vehicles will not be sent to Craigslist. Select a posting site, template, domain and update your posting comments if you wish. If it is an image template, hit generate images and continue as before. Click on the preview post button below. This will show you how your posting will look like. If you are not happy with the way it looks, you can update your vehicle data or your template in Craigslist settings section. The features used in the postings can be updated in specifications tab, When you are content with the way your posting looks, click on Manual Post to see the inputs you should copy and paste to Craigslist. Go to Craigslist, select the city and category you are trying to post to and copy and paste the inputs. After you are done, you can click on the manually posted button to record your posting in Carsinia. If you successfully post it to Craigslist and you are not ghosted, you can start trying the automatic post of single vehicle. If have a single IP you may need to wait for a week go be able to get another test going.

Craigslist Single Vehicle Automatic Posting

You can use image templates with automatic posts. These templates will actually generate an image of the posting rather than HTML or text to minimize chances of getting ghosted. The process for single automatic posts are very close to manual posts. Instead of clicking on manual post, click on the automatic post. Make sure that you are not logged in to Craigslist from another browser with the account/site you are using. Make sure that the account you are using can login and does not ask for captcha or phone confirmation upon login or initial posting attempt. If this turns out to be the case, Carsinia automatic posting will fail (asking for CAPTCHA right before the posting is normal - not in the first posting screen where you enter your posting information). When you do your first automatic posting your browser will give warning about Carsinia. Override it and check trust Carsinia in the future checkbox to not see that warning again. This is required to be able to do cross domain postings. If you are having problems with automatic posting and can do manual postings, please call us or send us an email at The next thing you will need to do is enter the CAPTCHA image text and you should be done. If you can successfuly post vehicles automatically to Craigslist and you have a proxy service that can change your IP frequently, you can start using the bulk posting system.

Craigslist Bulk Posts

In order to use the bulk posting you will need a SOCKS5 proxy service that changes your IP frequently. Such a service can be found in this URL: Otherwise, most (if not all) of your posts will be ghosted. If you do have the proxy setup, go to your Marketing section in Carsinia and select craigslist postings. This screen will show your vehicles and their Craigslist posting status and can also be used for bulk posting. Check the posting sites/accounts you would like to use. They will be automatically cycled during the bulk post. Do the same for the templates you would like to use. Finally, select the vehicles you would like to post and click on post to craigslist. After that point, all you need to do is enter the CAPTCHA values as sent by Craigslist. If you are using a single IP, you may get back errors because you are accessing the system too quickly. You should use a SOCKS5 service that changes your IP at about your posting speed (5-10 seconds).

For more information, please check our blog about Craigslist or contact us by phone or email. © 2019