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All documents and forms in Carsinia are in PDF format. A frequently asked question by our dealers is "how do I get my customers to sign the forms?" In the old days this would require faxing or emailing and printing a few times. Nowadays, with the help of Adobe Reader and mobile platforms like iphone, ipad, android and windows phones, no printing is needed for signatures. In this video we show how you can get your customers to sign your PDF forms and explain it below.

Sending Forms To Your Customers - Website Leads

If your customer filled out a form on your website, this information gets saved within the system. You can then start a new deal for a customer and generate any forms with the information they entered. Usually this information will not be enough to fully close a deal. If for example you want to send the credit application to a bank, you will need more information to get from the customer. In those cases, you can start the deal for the customer and send the customer the pre-filled credit application by clicking on Email in the deal wizard forms tab next to the form you want to email. If you want to email multiple forms, you can check them all and send them at the same time.

Sending Forms To Your Customers - Other Leads

If you acquire leads through other channels, you may choose to send your customers blank forms as a standard practice. In that case, you can just start a blank deal and email yourself the empty forms. Whenever you get a customer, you can just send them the same package to fill out from scratch.

Customers Filling and Signing Forms

When your customer receives the forms you send, they will need Adobe Reader to be able to edit and sign the forms.

Desktop systems Adobe Reader (Mac or Windows) have a sign tab. You can just click on that tab to enter your signature. You can draw your signature with the mouse or generate a nice looking signature from text. You can also enter text even if the PDF form does not have the input fields in certain areas. All forms generated from Carsinia allow you to save the form with the values you enter. After the customer fills and signs the form, they can just save it and email the filled and signed form back to you.

Mobile systems (iphone, ipad, Android, Windows phone) all have Adobe Reader as well. It is somewhat more complicated to use but customers should be able to automatically view the sent PDF forms on the Adobe Reader when they click on the form in respective platforms. They can then fill out the fields they want. Adding a signature is a bit more complicated and difficult to explain. Please watch the video for details. Adobe Mobile Reader also allows adding text when there are no input fields. In all platforms, it should be easy for the customers to email the filled form back to you.

Receiving Signed Forms

After you receive the signed forms, you may want to upload them to Carsinia and attach them to the vehicle to be able to keep track of them. If they require your signature as well, you can add your signatures just the same way your customers did. After that, you can just email it to the financing company if needed.

These are not features of Carsinia but having PDF forms allows users to be able to setup easy business processes. Contact us if you have any questions.

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