Web Based Car Dealer Inventory Management System

It is said the software development is like trying to make a skyscraper out of a hut, adding one floor at a time while people are living in the building. This is certainly the case for us lately. Our long term focus is BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) and we have been putting a lot of work towards it but all the while we still need to continue to support our clients and fulfill their enhancement requests for inventory management functions as we always do. So, let's take a look at what we released in the past month in that area.

We reduced the complexity of Actual Cash Value (ACV) in deals and trades. ACV is one of those areas that is always difficult to comprehend. Common usage case is for trades. Dealers may pay a higher amount for a trade that what the vehicle is actually worth. Let's say the you paid $2,000 for a vehicle that is actually worth $1,000. The main reason is to get a better deal for loans from the lenders. You can record the actual cash value for the trade in our DMS. The difference would be recorded as a loss for the dealer. In this case you lost $1,000 for that trade. Now did you purchase the vehicle for $1,000 or $2,000? It is a tricky one. For the official books you purchased it for $2,000 when in reality most sales people think of it as $1,000.

Here is where it gets more complicated. Let's say you now want to sell the same vehicle for $3,000. Will you be making $1,000 or $2,000? According to official books you will be making $1,000 when in reality you will be making $2,000. Most sales people like to see the purchase price for the vehicle as the actual cash value when they are selling it to be able to understand how much they will really be making. In our previous versions, we were showing the ACV loss and ACV gain separately. Now we simplified the view and consolidate these costs together as purchase costs. We also updated our reports, deal wizard, profit screens, etc. to use the same methodology. In effect, this makes it simpler for the sales people to understand the profits in their deals.

Our clients can now organize the pictures of their vehicles by dragging and dropping them in a list. This makes it so much easier to manage the vehicle pictures. Uploading them was always very easy thanks to our bulk picture uploader and picture box emails. Once they were uploaded, it was somewhat cumbersome to move them in the list using up and down links. Now it is much easier. We still maintained the old interface for devices that do not have a mouse (like ipad, tablets and phones).

Here are some of the minor updates:

  • Firstlook / Max 3.0 inventory feeds now include pictures as well.
  • Clicking on vehicles brings the inventory list immediately. Finance link shows the deal list. This saves the users one click for common operations.
  • Updated the latest Utah vehicle registration form from DMV.

We are still working on the BHPH features that will be released soon. It will be remarkable. Contact us for more info.

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