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Facebook Car Dealer Marketing and Twitter Integration

Social media is not going away. Since Myspace and Facebook started becoming popular around 2006, there were a lot of skeptics about these sites just being another fad. While it is possible that usage may decline in the future you cannot afford to ignore Facebook (billion accounts) or Twitter (150 million accounts).

Think of it like another marketing channel. Your website is basically distributing your inventory to Google, Bing and other search engines. Carsinia also provides integration with main car search sites like Autotrader, Cars.com, Craigslist and eBay. Now we make it possible to push your vehicles to Facebook and Twitter. Especially for used cars people are starting to turn to social media for their purchases. They look for connections they can trust. This is very important. You can get a lead way before they get on the "market". In short, you need to get on with the age and do social media marketing.

How do you get on to social media? You signup and setup your Facebook and Twitter pages. One thing to note, you should keep the website and social media pages look and feel consistent. It will help you look more professional. Anytime we look to purchase online we pay attention to a million things - most of them unconscious. These details matter and improve your odds.

Facebook Integration

Facebook Inventory Posting: When you login to Carsinia, go to Facebook Settings under marketing. Click on the link to setup the integration. You will be asked to login to facebook if you are not already logged in. Then Facebook will ask you to allow Carsinia to post your vehicles on your behalf. Accept it and you will come back to Carsinia with a success message saying that your integration is setup. Now all you need to do is select the page you would like to post on and hit update settings. When you update a vehicle as ready for marketing we will post a link in your facebook page that points to your website in about 5 minutes. The posts will have pictures of your inventory. You can also run the posting job manually.

Facebook Expired Access Tokens: Facebook allows you to give privilege to Carsinia to post on behalf of you for 2 months. After that you need to renew the access token. You need to enter an email address to be notified of these expirations. We will also use this email address to let you know if there is an error posting your vehicles.

Facebook Inventory Tab: Click on add inventory tab next to your page in Facebook settings. Just below the Facebook page banner, you will see a link to display your inventory that says "View Inventory". This page will list all the vehicles set ready for marketing. Carfax and NMVTIS reports will be available as well. Clicking on them will take you back to the website.

Facebook Page Link: This is usually setup by Carsinia for your website. We can put it wherever you like. Usually it's in the banner area top right - appears with a Facebook icon.

Twitter Integration

Twitter Inventory Posting: The setup flow is pretty much the same as Facebook. Login to Twitter and approve Carsinia applicaiton to tweet on your behalf. When you update a vehicle as ready for marketing we will automatically tweet it in about 5 minutes. You can also run the posting job manually for a single vehicle. Due to certain limitations of Twitter we cannot post more than one car per run with Twitter. Currently Twitter tokens do not expire, so you do not need to worry about expirations like Facebook.

Tweeting with Pictures: The difference of using Carsinia is that we tweet your cars with pictures. Your profile pictures will be updated automatically, making your profile page look better.

Searchable Tweets: Another advantage of using Carsinia is that we tweet your cars with searchable tweets. The make, model and trim of the car will be automatically marked as searchable on Twitter. If you just tweeted about your BMW i530a for example and someone searches for i530a, your tweet will show up instantly.

Twitter Page Link: Much like Facebook, this is usually setup by Carsinia for your website. We can put it whereever you like. Usually it's in the banner area top right - appears with a Twitter icon.

Contact us for more info and check out our demo website to see a sample setup.