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10 Reasons Why Carsinia is the Best Dealer Management System

It has been a while since the last blog post. We have been pretty busy adding new clients, setting up websites and improving the system in general. We are still working towards the big release. Before we release our next major update, we wanted to take the time to list 10 top reasons to choose Carsinia as your dealer management system and websites.

  1. Modern Car Dealer Software

    You may find this hard to believe but most of the systems in the market today are written 10-20 years ago (some even older - ADP, ReyRey, etc). Times change. Windows GUI programming was cutting edge technology in the 1990s but with Internet this has changed. Moreover, car dealer software designers learned from past mistakes and systems got gradually better and easier to use. Carsinia development began in 2009 and we continue to improve it everyday. We started out with a modern design that is easy to use and has many advantages compared to the older systems.

  2. Automatic Backups

    In many Windows based systems you need to run backups explicitly. If you run a local backup and your machine crashes for whatever reason, you will lose everything. All your business data will be gone! With Carsinia, you do not need to worry about backups - we take care of it. You can just focus on your business and make money.

  3. Multiple Users

    If you run a Windows based system, you can only use your DMS on that machine. That quickly becomes a problem when you have more than 2-3 employees. Some systems can be setup in client server fashion but setting it up is usually a nightmare. There is also the matter of hosting the server. With Carsinia, you do not need to worry about it. Many users can use the system at the same time.

  4. No Installation

    Did you ever have to deal with a virus problem? Do you know how they get in to your computer? Usually through installation programs. Asking a computer engineer to install a program is asking for a lot of trust. With Carsinia, you do not need to worry about this security issue. You can just use your browser to access our web based system.

  5. Automatic Updates

    Let's say you found a bug in your DMS (a bug is a computer program malfunction). It is very possible. Every system has defects. Usually you come accross these issues at the worst possible time: you are trying to close a deal with a customer and the system is giving an error. Naturally you call your DMS company. They say it is a problem and they will work on it and you will need to download the latest version and upgrade. You ask how long it will take. They say it may take anywhere from a week to a year. With Carsinia, we understand your problem. Usually we will resolve the issue within the same day and you do not need to upgrade to a newer version - it is all on our servers.

  6. Access Anywhere

    You go to an auction to buy a car. A Honda CRV comes up. You wonder how much you sold your last similar car. No problem. Whip up your iPad, tablet, or smart phone and check it online at Carsinia. Can your DMS do that?

  7. Price

    You can check out our prices in our home page. Truly, for the service and the product we provide it is a huge bargain. ADP and Reyrey may cost thousands of dollars and we provide essentially the same functionality starting as low as $99. In a few areas we actually provide more features.

  8. Service

    Carsinia is a small company. Every single one of our clients is important to us. If you need a particular feature for your business, you can ask us and most of the time we will actually develop it for you. Try that with bigger companies like Finance Express or ADP and hear them say: get in the line.

  9. Custom, Professional, Beautiful Websites

    Custom websites: we do whatever you want. You would have to spend thousands of dollars for a custom website. We offer it for $99 per month. You think it's going to look unprofessional? Check them out: henryclaymotors.com, newportmotorcars.com, neighborhoodmotors.net, lakeforestautobrokers.com, imsaab.com (in development).

  10. One System Has It All

    Nearly every DMS out there has a few strong areas and lacking significantly in others. For example, there are some good website providers and they say they offer buyers guide and window stickers. That's nice but you need a ton of other paper work to do the actual sale. That really is not enough. Other systems offer a good management system and they say they provide a website but it is really unprofessional looking. Carsinia provides it all.

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