Web Based Car Dealer Accounting Software with Quickbooks Integration

We have released our Quickbooks export module. This has been a feature that has been requested for quite some time. We aim to provide all the software a dealership needs but admittedly we had a shortcoming on accounting side. Our strategy is still the same - we want to provide a full featured accounting module within Carsinia. However, with so many shops using Quickbooks it is somewhat difficult to ignore the obvious need for integration - especially when we do not have the accounting module yet.

Bear in mind that we are not talking about simple profit and loss management on a vehicle or part basis. There are many types of incomes and expenses in a dealership. Carsinia can help you keep track of most of them. However, we do not have features like general ledger, payroll, electricity bills, rent, etc. There is no place to reconcile your bank account, add equity to your business or cut checks. We have a profit report based on vehicle sales but not one that you can take to a CPA. We do not have balance sheet or cash flows reports. Are we planning on having these features in the future? Absolutely! We even started development of our own accounting module. But for now, we offer Quickbooks integration.

We are probably the first web based dealer management system that offers Quickbooks export. The reason is simple: it is difficult. When we say Quickbooks export it sounds like it is simply extracting data and putting it in an Excel spreadsheet. It is much more complicated than that. We had to determine the chart of accounts to be used (which will probably be used for our own accounting module as well) and how each transaction within our system should generate general ledger entries using these accounts. It was a big time consuming project but it is worth it.

When you get with Quickbooks export that you do not have with Carsinia already:

  • Employee Payroll
  • Cut checks
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Record some types of incomes and expenses that are not in Carsinia (utility bills, rent, etc)
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Statement of Cash Flows Report

The integration works with exporting and importing IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) files. The first thing you need to do export and import chart of accounts. These account names can be configured in Carsinia if you already defined them. You can preview, export and import the actual transactions in a date range. You can sync Carsinia and Quickbooks at any frequency you want as long as you do not try to import a date range that you already imported before. If you do that, the transactions will be imported twice for those dates. Another thing to note, if you already imported a date and you change something on that date in Carsinia, you should go to Quickbooks and change it manually. Exact rules of accounting transactions is very complicated. Contact us for any details.

Finally, we also have a new report that shows the hours spent for service and reconditioning per employee. You can use this report to determine the paychecks for your employees and enter them in Quickbooks.

We are planning on building our own accounting module and fully automating the quickbooks integration (with Quickbooks online or web connector) in the future. Contact us for more info.

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