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Servers Infrastructure

We have a fully online (web based) auto dealer management software. Most people do not even think about this when using the system but their browsers actually communicate with our servers during regular use. Every time you click on a link or submit a form on a screen, your browser sends the data you filled out to Carsinia. The data is then processed and stored on our network and the result is then outputted back to your browser in various screens.

Frontend and Backend

DMS consists of two parts: frontend and backend. Frontend is basically just your browser and what you see on your screen. It is sometimes also referred as a terminal. Backend is Carsinia servers. In case you are not familiar with the term, a server is just another computer like your PC or mac - just more powerful and well maintained. They are usually thinner and flatter than the regular PCs. They are "racked" on big cages as you see in the picture on the right.The frontend is mostly a simple browser display and does not require a lot of CPU power. Nothing is stored on your computer except for a few java applets needed for bulk uploading images and craigslist postings. Everything is stored on the backend servers. If you are familiar with the cloud, you can see that it is the same architecture. When the backend has more than 10-15 computers, it is called a cloud. You can say Carsinia runs on a mini-cloud at this point in time.

Backups and Reliability

Some competitors may say they provide a "server based" system. What is the difference? Well, regardless of being server based, in those cases you are still responsible for maintaining the computers. You are responsible for regular backups, upgrades and maintenance. Also, you still cannot use it outside of your store easily. With Carsinia, we do all that stuff. The servers are hosted on Internet where you can access from anywhere: your mac, PC, iPad, Andoid phone, iphone, tablet, etc. We maintain the servers so that you do not have to worry about the things that are not your expertise. We take regular backups and make sure system runs all the time.


Our servers are currently housed in a GoDaddy data center. Earlier this month, one of our servers had a hardware failure and we were very disappointed with the way they handled it. Thanks to our backups, the down time was minimal and no data was lost. In order to prevent such issues in the future, we decided to buy a new set of servers and host them in a new data center called American Internet Services (AIS). Our new servers are incredibly fast and reliable and much more secure. New data center Internet connections have higher bandwidth, are more reliable and the facilities are more controlled. In short, this will be a very big upgrade for all Carsinia users and it is a major milestone for us.

We are planning on doing the migration this weekend. Contact us for more info.

03/05/2012 Update: Servers are migrated and they are working fabulously!

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