Used Car Dealer Software and DMS for iPad,iPhone and Android Tablets

Our DMS is 100% web based. This means it runs on all platforms with a web browser. The list includes Windows PCs, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone or similar iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, HP WebOS tablets, Kindle, Blackberry, etc. Some companies may confuse you saying that they support iPhone or iPad fully because they have an app. When you hear this, you need to look at the structure of their DMS and how the app is used. Most of the time what you will find that the app is just scanning VIN numbers and is used for entering it to the DMS. We do not have such an app because once you get the app, you will find that it does not always scan the VIN properly and frequently you will be entering it manually. It really does not take that long, you don't have 10 seconds? With Carsinia it was always possible to enter the vehicle to the DMS from the lot since it is web based. In other cases, the app is used for uploading the pictures taken on the lot. We have a recent advancement regarding that feature and this blog post is about that.

For bulk uploading pictures, we have a little Java applet that you can use from your PC, Linux or Mac. It works very well. The problem is most phones and tablets do not have Java and the bulk upload was not working. For Android, WebOS and Kindle tablets you can use the single picture uploads. For iPhone and iPad the situation is more dire since Steve Jobs decided that file was too complicated of a concept for the average iPhone and iPad user and disabled all file uploads from iOS devices. While we firmly believe this is one of the causes that hurts their sales and may even cause their complete demise, there are a lot of users out there with iOS devices that want to use our system. So, we developed a picture upload system based on email - a mailbox that uploads pictures to your vehicles: PictureBox.

Since picturebox is essentially an email, you can define them in the usual email management area. Just click on Add PictureBox and enter the email address. It is very easy to attach multiple picture to an email from tablets and smart phones. Just email your pictures to the picturebox you created and write the vehicle ID in the subject. When they are added to your vehicle, you will get a success response by email. That's it. You can now easily walk around your lot, add new vehicles, take pictures and upload them quickly.

One thing to note, it is a good idea to take lower resolution pictures. High resolution pictures take longer to upload. We resize them to 640x480 anyhow during upload because we do not want our clients websites to load slowly. If we do not do that, your vehicle pages would be ranked very low in Google. Usually, the lowest resolution in your device is just fine.

We are planning on building a HTML5 version of picture bulk uploads. Contact us for more info and a demonstration. © 2019