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Used Car Dealer Software New Features and Updates

Our software development model is extremely agile. We release continuous updates to our web based DMS - almost every day. These updates are geared towards a big picture, mini tasks of a giant projects. When we reach our milestone, it is called a release and we just reached one. Looking at our release notes, there are a ton of updates. It will be very difficult to summarize them all. Here are some of the highlights:

Deal Management and Desking

  • License, registration and title fees - now it is possible to track all of them separately. Every state differs slightly and usually only one or two of these official fees are used.
  • Our custom fields required a set of values to be shown as drop downs. When no values are entered, custom fields are now shown as text boxes where it is possible to enter free text values.
  • We now track physical damage insurance information. You can enter it in deals and manage insurance companies and agents. This information will be used in various forms.
  • Every lender has slightly different calculation of payments. One issue is the last payment not being equal to the rest. We now have an option that adjusts interest when lenders require equal payments (in last payment as well). Also, we now show first payment date instead of odd days. This makes the interface simpler. Because of this change, we now have a lender first payment option that can be 30 days, 1 month, 45 days. With this we calculate the odd days.
  • We have quite a few new fields. Location Dealer Number is used in many DMV forms. Sales person's license number is used for California forms. Plate number can now be entered in deal wizard. The system will now ask for Actual Cash Value (ACV) for trades and the difference of the trade allowance and ACV will be recorded as a cost. Finally we have county field in customer addresses with this release. Especially useful for tax purposes.
  • It is now possible to uncontract and recontract deals. This is an operation that should not be used lightly. When a deal is uncontracted, if there were any changes that were done outside of the deal wizard, they may be lost. It is usually OK to uncontract a deal right after closing it but care must be taken in other cases.
  • Deal configurations: preset tax rates and fees. Customizable per location. California counties tax rates are automatically synced daily. See deal configuration blog for details.
  • Each tab is now a separate screen in deal wizard. This improves performance and increases usability. We also re-organized structure tab for a better user experience.

Dealer Sales Forms

  • We used to output some of our forms in FDF and relied on browser plugin for correctly populating values. Due to Adobe and iPad bugs, we realized that it is best to do the work on the server side and output directly in PDF.
  • For dot matrix forms, we now have the option of outputting in PDF. This reduces variability in printing between browsers and printers and makes setup easier.
  • Form groups: you can now automatically combine multiple forms and view or email the whole sale binder together.
  • New California forms: Registration, Duplicate title app, Notice of transfer, Title Release, Power of attorney, Retail purchase agreement, Application for plates, Statement of Error, Statement of Facts, Vehicle Transfer Form 262, Report of Sale Form 51, Optional Goods and Services Disclosure, Contract Cancellation Option.
  • New Colorado forms: Registration, Secure and Verifiable ID, Limited Power of Attorney, Evidence of Insurance, Statement of one in the same, Supplemental identification information, Statement of fact, Statement of Transfer, VIN Inspection, Non-Use or Out of state insurance , Duplicate title, Rebuilt from Salvage Disclosure.
  • New Credit Union forms: Alpine Credit Union App, America First Credit Union App, America First Credit Union Insurance, Cyprus Credit Union Membership App, Cyprus Credit Union Insurance, Cyprus Credit Union Credit App, Mountain America Credit Union Membership Application, Mountain America Credit Union Truth in Savings Disclosure, Mountain America Credit Union Notice to Provide Insurance.
  • New standard forms: Privacy Notice, Disclosure of Credit Bureau, Authorization to Release Payoff Info, Guarantee of Title , Notice to Co-Signer, Power of Attorney, We Owe Document, IRS Form 8300 (used for cash payments of more than $10,000).
  • Other forms and fixes: Michigan GMAC/Ally retail installment contract, Wolters Kluver Utah retail installment contract, New York Community bank contracts.
  • New fields in vehicle export: Buyer company, first name, middle name, last name, address, state, zip, phone, Seller company, first name, middle name, last name, address, state, zip, phone, Vehicle entry date, first arrival date, Model, Trim, Stock #, color, Transmission, Drive train, Engine, Temporary Permit Cost, Registration Cost, GAP Cost, Service Contract Cost, Participation Payments, Participation Payments Commission, Total direct payment amount, last direct payment date, last check number, last check deposit date, Finance date, loan lender, loan amount, payment through loan amount, payment through loan date, Total Payments Required, total Payments Made, Outstanding Balance

Dealer Websites and Online Marketing

We now support multiple locations for Autotrader - when a dealer has multiple stores, they can each have their individual account. Also, these dealers can now display the vehicle locations in their websites and filter by location.

Credit application can now accept a joint application. Finally, if you would like to display a website "special" price (e.g. lower than the price you advertise on Autotrader), you can do that.

As a side note, we have enhanced our security with automatic detection of hackers. As soon as they start their hacking efforts, our system detects their IPs and they are banned from all future access. Contact us for more info and a demonstration. © 2019