Deal Configuration: County Taxes, Default and Automatic Fees Values per Location

We have a new feature in our car dealer software that was long due: deal configuration for taxes and fees. You can now set up automatic tax values for different counties and default fee values per location. The first thing you need to do is create the deal configuration. Most dealers have a single configuration - even for multiple locations. Each configuration contains a set of default and automatic tax and fee values that will be shown in the deal wizard. If you have multiple locations in different states, you may want to setup different deal configurations for each state.

Once you create the deal configuration, you can add the values. The first value to be added for a field will become the default. When you first create a deal (or change the location of a deal), the default values will be updated according to the configuration (non-zero values will be set). You can enter as many values as you like for each field.

Now you are ready to assign the deal configuration to your locations by simply editing them. You can also define the deal cofiguration of a location when you are adding it. Usually all your locations will have the same deal configuration.

The deal wizard will use the deal configuration of a location. You can test it by adding/loading your deals. The pre-set values will be shown next to the inputs. When you change the drop down, you can see the inputs getting updated. The fields that can have pre-set values like this are:

  • Documentation Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • License Fee
  • Title Fee
  • Age Based Fees
  • State Inspection/Smog Test
  • Temporary Permit Fee
  • Transportation/Delivery Fee
  • Other Taxable Fees
  • Other Non-Taxable Fees
  • Custom Fees (up to 4)
  • Tax Rate

There are a few more fields left (warranties, insurance, gap, etc) but their pre-set values will come from other settings like service and insurance companies and their packages. This feature is only for fees and taxes.

As a side note, we introduced a new feature for our inventory listings: we now show the location info on the vehicles and we have a location filter for the results. Also, we enhanced our credit application on our websites by allowing co-applicant information to be entered as well. Contact us for more info and a demonstration. © 2019