Car Dealer Documents, DMV Forms, Retail Installment Contracts

Our forms library is getting more impressive by the day. Apart from the new features, we added a lot of DMV forms, retail installment contracts and configurable documents. It is time to do a review of them.

DMV Forms

Most DMV forms are available for free. We basically make it possible to automatically fill them. Unfortunately, some of them still have to be printed with dot matrix printers (NCR forms) - like California Forms 51 and 262. In these cases, we work with you to configure these forms for your printer. Our DMS can work with all dot matrix printers.

Purchase Contracts

This document is also known as bill of sale, purchase order, purchase agreement, etc. Some states like Georgia require you to use the DMV form. Some states want dealers to print a separate purchase order with or without their bill of sale. Some states have deep regulations for purchase contracts (like California - which requires a form like retail installment contract - even for non-financed sales) and some states do not regulate it at all (like Texas). In cases where you need the DMV forms, we make it available. We also have a configurable purchase contract. You can write your terms and conditions, determine fees, override them, etc. For California, we actually use the retail installment contract for all cases.

Retail Installment Contracts

This is used in financed sales mostly (except for California). The lenders require you to have the buyer sign this contract if you are participating in the financing - meaning you make some money for selling the loan. It can also include credit insurance products, GAP and other optional services provided by the lender or various partners. Unfortunately, most lenders still work with dot matrix contracts (like Ally Financial - new name of GMAC). In these cases, we work with you to setup your dot matrix printer with your contracts. We also have generic configurable retail installment contracts. This utility can pretty much print any contract you want. You can write your terms and conditions, additional signatures, notices, and set the itemization of amount financed. If this is not acceptable (some lenders are very strict about their contracts), we also provide Wolters Kluver contracts for your state, which is pretty much universally accepted by all lenders. Unfortunately, the Wolters Kluver contracts require additional setup and usage fees for each deal.

Other Common Dealer Forms

Power of Attorney is another common form like purchase contract. It can be regulated by DMV at times (like Texas and California). We also provide a generic configurable version of it. Here are some of the other common documents that are all configurable:

  • Contract cancellation option agreement (California)
  • Optional Goods and Services Disclosure (California)
  • Agreement to provide Insurance (we have two versions - one generic and one California)
  • Disclosure of credit bureau
  • Authorization to release payoff information
  • Guarantee of Title
  • Notice to Co-signer

Combined Print

This is a new feature that allows you to combine multiple forms in one package and view/print or email it. Dealers can also create preset form groups for different scenarios and quickly print them for deals. Dot matrix forms cannot be combined with the other forms (due to the fact that the form needs to be fed first).

Upload/Attach Documents

After you print the forms, you can save the signed versions within the system. All you need to do is scan the signed documents. You can also fax them to yourself - it's easier. Then go to the vehicle and upload/attach your documents. If you need it in the future it will be easy to find it.

PS: Service and part sales invoices are somewhat separate from our forms system. When you create a service record or part sales, you can also print the invoice for it. That invoice, too, is configurable. Contact us for more info and a demonstration. © 2019