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Craigslist Email Verification Update

Craigslist recently started asking for email verifications that probably broke the process for quite a few auto posters. It really is becoming quite cumbersome to post on Craigslist. It started with Captcha. You need to verify that you are actually a human being by typing the text you see in an image. Then they started doing the phone verifications. Craigslist calls your phone and gives you a code to continue with your post. And now occasionally they want you to verify that you still have access to the email that you signed up with. Maybe they will start asking for posters to solve a mathematical equation next.

Carsinia responded quickly to these changes thanks to our agile process. We truly provide a full feature car dealer software and Craigslist is one of the most wanted modules in a DMS. You can post very quickly directly from our system. If you hit an email verification request, the system will ask you for the URL that is sent to the email. All you need to do is go to that email address and copy and paste the URL into a box and your posting can continue. We do not have enough data at this point to determine how frequently they ask for email verification but probably it is once every 48 hours like phone verifications.

We are planning on building an automatic reader for the mailboxes you used to sign up to Craigslist to make the copy paste process automatic for the URL. It is not very easy. Some email providers work only with WebDAV, some work with IMAP, etc. If you get an email with us and sign up to Craigslist that way, all emails can forward to your main email. This makes tracking email leads from Craigslist much easier - not to mention the email verification.

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