conversion rate optimization

Beyond SEO: Website Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Everybody knows about SEO (search engine optimization) nowadays but not many people mention the next step in online marketing: Conversion Rate Optimization. If you have a lot of visitors coming to your website and very few are buying your cars, read on.

Three Steps of Online Marketing

Here's the big idea: you need to get them to come to your website, capture their interest, make the sale and keep them happy. First step is SEO. That's how you getting them to your website. Second step is Conversion. That's how you capture their interest and get them to call you and sell a car. Final step is Retention. You gotta keep them happy. Satisfied customers bring more customers. Now, obviously once somebody comes to your website and calls you about a car, they are pretty much out of the online realm and we are not going to be talking about how you should talk to the customer. This article is about capturing the interest of your website visitor and getting them to call you. That is called conversion. The visitor is "converted" to a lead.

Conversion and Bounce Rate: You spend so much money on getting people to your website that it is painful to watch them land on a page, take a quick look and leave your website. Unfortunately that happens a lot. That's called bouncing. The rate of the visitors that bounced over a period of time is called the bounce rate. Likewise, the rate of visitors that called or emailed you is called the conversion rate. Obviously, you want to increase your conversion rate and minimize bounce rate. How do you do that?

Conversion Rate Optimization

How does someone decide to leave your website and go check out some other vehicle? It is a quick and mostly unconscious process. Slightest things make a difference. Remember that cheap website you got that brings in a lot of visitors? That's not helping with the conversions. Most of them take a quick peek at your website and think you are unprofessional or small time. They get concerned about the sale process, warranties, how long you are going to be in business. If you could just talk to them you may be able to convince them to come and check out the inventory but you cannot. Not yet. So, what do you do?

You get a better looking website and hire us to test factors that may increase your conversions.

What kind of factors are tested? Slogans, words, colors, graphics, logo, layout - anything that you may change on your website.

How do you test these factors? We create two versions of a page/website. One with the new version and one with existing version. We show half of the visitors old version and the other half the new version. After some time, we compare the conversion rates and if the new version created a significant boost, it goes live.

How long does that take? 6-12 months.

Can you test multiple factors at once? A/B tests are the simplest tests to perform and are usually preferable but if you have a lot of factors to test within a short period of time it is possible to perform a multiple factor test. The results are interpreted such that the effects of multiple factors are split through statistical means. © 2019