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Craigslist Secrets for Car Dealers

There are a lot of posts out there about "Craigslist Secrets". It all boils down to two factors: IP Address and Content. Now, we can write a book about the details of each but for the sake of this blog we will keep it as simple as possible. These are general tips but do not apply much to housing and jobs posts since it is possible to pay for your posts in those categories.

IP Address

Frequency: You should not use the same IP address more than once every 48 hours. You may say "but I've been doing it without any problems, I've heard so-and-so posting 40 cars per day, etc". Craigslist is sinister. You will get banned at some point. And when you do, NOTHING will work. You will have to wait at least a week if not a month before you can post with that IP again - sometimes even the neighboring IPs will be banned. So, be wise and do not over post. Posting on Craigslist is a marathon - not a sprint. Trying to use a different account on the same IP will hurt your ads stick rate.

Location: Now, unfortunately we cannot disclose too much info on how Craigslist determines your location. If we explain everything, there is no reason for you to sign up with us. But know that your IP location is a major factor in where you can post. If Craigslist thinks you are in Florida and you are trying to post in New York, your posts are almost sure to be ghosted. It does not mattter if you are actually in Newyork. And yes, they make A LOT of mistakes in determining the location. We reverse engineered their approximate location algorithm to be able to find suitable IPs to be able to post in correct sites.

Subnet: It is better if you use IP addresses that are separate. For example, if you post from and, it is very close. Ideally you want to use separate IPs like and


Uniqueness: Title text is the most important part as far as ghosting goes. Body is less important. Location - not so much. There are certain words you want to avoid. Ideally, you should have about 50% of the words common but safe words like "you, car, call, ford," etc. The other 50% should be as unique as possible like "glorious, sparkling, **!@3, yougottaseetobelieve" etc.

Readibility: If you post a random character text that is non-readable, you will find out that it will get ghosted. Look at the posts that succeed and use similar tactics. It is ok to use some random character text as long as it is not the entire post.

Image Hosting: You want to show your car pictures on the post. Where these pictures are hosted is an important factor. Ideally, you should have only one picture. IP and domain are both important. You want them as unique as possible. Domain is more important than IP. A lot of companies, simply provide new image hosting domains that point to the same server with a single IP. You may also use amazon, google, imageshack, flicker or photobucket. They change their domains and IPs frequently.

Links: We really do not recommend setting up any links to your websites but if you have to, keep the IP and domain as unique as possible. Try to have a single link.


If you are renewing your active posts, know that they will most probably not be ghosted when you renew them but they will count towards the number of active posts for that day. So, if you renewed one post with an account, do not try to post a new ad for the next 48 hours with that account or IP.

Carsinia Solution

Our solution consists of setting up multiple IPs and multiple accounts with different phone numbers and posting once per 48 hours with each of them. If you would like to post 30 cars a day, you need 60 accounts, 60 phone numbers and 60 IP addresses. We try to minimize the ghosting as much as possible but do not make any guarantees. We obtain the IP addresses and phone numbers for you and set up your accounts. Oh, and our system works on Windows, Linux and Mac! See for more details and Contact us for a demo. © 2019