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Prioritization is the name of the game. Client needs are always come first but we have been neglecting our site. A feature that was available for our client websites for blogging was not available for our main website. Well, we finally fixed it and now we can blog away!


All car dealers want Craigslist, so let's start with that. We have quite a few enhancements again. The most important one is the post preview. There are a few factors that affect ghosting: frequency, IP address, image hosting, etc. but the most important one is how unique your ad is. Now we offer a preview editor for posts with randomize buttons. Our templates use tokens in title, location and body of the post. Some of these tokens can take values from a set of expressions. Randomize button finds a random value for these tokens. Coupled with our comment builder, the preview makes it very easy for you to construct unique posts. No matter how much you randomize, there is no replacement for human brain. If you want minimal ghosting rate and care about what your ads say and have the time, this is the best way to post. It takes much less than a regular post but it is longer than bulk posting.

Now, when it comes to bulk posting the number one thing is: keep your expressions fresh. If you keep using the same expressions, you will see that the ghosting rate will rise. We introduced a new feature that allows you to construct tokens with random size and color. Another thing we built recently is bulk delete of ghosted ads. You should keep minimal number of active ads per account. Bulk delete certainly helps with that.

A note about PVAs (Phone Verified Accounts): Buying phone verified accounts is crazy. It takes Craigslist at most 48 hours to re-request verification. Unless your PVA provider actually calls you whenever there is a verification request, they are useless after 2 days (at most). Even if you pay $1, they get expensive pretty fast. A lot of companies use newly created PVAs to post on Craigslist. Yes, this reduces chances of ghosting (does not guarantee it) but it is very costly. If you see bunch of nearly identical ads getting posted back to back, this is how they do it. It is not a good practice and we certainly would not advise it.

Our solution creates ads that point back to your website and it actually helps with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Floor Planning

We did a complete overhaul of inventory loans in our system. The system now creates explicit invoices when an inventory loan is added according to the terms defined for the loan. You can then add, edit or delete floor plan invoices. This gives the clients more control over how they can track their loan payments.

Cost Tracking

We had an interesting situation with CAC (Credit Acceptance Corporation). It turns out that they pay quite a bit of the loan to the dealer very far into the future (3 - 10 years). It needed to be represented as a cost. We added custom costs recently. You can define your own cost fields and name them anything you like. The system then will ask them in every deal and they can be used in documents. This was different, however. It needed to be associated with the loan and it should be automatically calculated based on the advance you get from CAC. That is exactly what we did. It is now called the finance cost of the loan. Later payments from CAC (in 3 - 10 years) can be entered as independent revenue.

Deals and Forms

We helped a few customers with their custom dot matrix forms. Starting this month, we are going to be charging $50 for custom dot-matrix forms setup. We scan your form to the system and place necessary fields in the right places. Then clients print a few test forms and fax them to us. It takes 4-5 iterations for us to fine tune each form.


We plan to start working on even more Craigslist, floor planning and accounting enhancements. Stay tuned and Contact us for more info and demo. © 2019