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Our Craigslist solution is probably the best one in the market at this point. That is not to say it could use a few improvements but with the latest changes it is probably beyond all our competition. Let's see, what did we add? To begin with, Craigslist recently changed the posting URLs and removed phone verification link from the account pages. All the Craigslist auto posters came crumbling down. Not us. Our response time to the change was 3 hours. At this point we may even be the only solution that can bulk post cars to Craigslist. We can do phone verification at the time of posts. Now, a word of reminder, we do not provide a fully automated tool. Some companies do advertise such solutions but it is ILLEGAL to post in a completely automated way. It is against the terms and conditions. You can get sued and pay quite a bit. We provide an automated browsing tool but you still need to enter your CAPTCHA and reset your password and do your phone verification.

We always knew that our Java based solution would work under Linux (and Mac as well) but finally got to try it this month. As expected, it works great. One thing to note for Linux users is that it is best to use official Java release with the browsers. Some third party Java implementations like icedtea do not really work well. See Linux Java setup for more details. We are planning to test Mac this month. Let us know if you would like to try it.

We now limit posting from an IP address, account and template to twice per day. And these postings need to be 5 minutes apart. This is to ensure that our clients postings do not get ghosted. We can also use proxy servers directly from Carsinia now. Each account always uses the same proxy server and we reset cookies before posting. This is very much like a user logging into the same computer and posting once in a while. Also, we do not allow non-US IP addresses to be used in posts. Again, this is protection for ghosting.

We have better reporting for Craigslist now. We show the vehicles in order of post time, which IP was used for posting, how many times it was viewed and whether it was ghosted or expired. We do not let our users delete active posts. A lot of people want to top post. They want to delete an active post and re-post so that it will appear at the top of the list. This is also not allowed by Craigslist and more than likely results in your ad being ghosted.

We built an import sync utility for eBizAutos for one of our clients. If you have a website with eBizAutos, we can import your inventory directly from your website. We resolved a few issues with our websites and now they are even more flexible. IE9 upgrade was also another big event for the month but since we are using jquery, simply upgrading to the latest version fixed all issues for us. See one of recent websites for the latest layouts.

We can now email our PDF documents. This is a very big improvement because it can also be used for faxing your documents if you have a email to fax service like rapid fax. We updated our credit application and added a few more fields and added a few more forms. But the biggest change is happening for retail installment contracts. We are working on setting up Wolters Kluver contracts as well as some NCR forms. We made two retail installment contracts available in dot matrix format. We added quite a few finance fields. Furthermore, you can now add custom tokens that can be used in the form wizard. These tokens can be 4 types: constant, integer, decimal and string. You can add or concat other fields and make your own tokens. This feature is key to filling contracts.

Finally, we have a lot of new features in the deal wizard. Documentation fee can now be non-taxable. You can rollback the deal to a particular amount (by adjusting price, cash down, or trade price). We fine tuned our finance calculations to include a different last payment amount. You can now also add odd days to a deal. These days will delay the initial payment. We now show the participation payments as profit and participation commissions as costs. It is now possible to print the deal recap sheet and see your profits.

Next month we plan to start working on even more Craigslist enhancements, loan management features, valuation and form groups. Stay tuned and Contact us for more info and demonstration. © 2019