Carsinia Dealer Software Updates: Custom Fees, Bill Of Sale, Comment Builder, eBay Motors, Craigslist

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We had another month full of exciting features. One of the factors that make Carsinia a great success is that we set our priorities based on our client requests. We strive to fulfill their requests as quickly as possible. Sometimes this means slight change of course from our plans but it always is worth it. This does not mean that we do not get to do what we plan. For example, we had planned to improve the performance in a few areas. We changed a few settings in our DB connection that sped up the system clearly. We re-worked the vehicle marketing tab: improved the flow, screens, layout and speed. Marketing tab has been getting bigger and bigger. Auto trader,, SEO, Craigslist, eBay, manual posts and online views. Now the page loads are a lot faster and it is easier to use.

Comment Builder: Once in a while a simple change has the biggest impact. We had a feature called comment templates. These are little snippets of text that you can use while writing vehicle comments. Most of the time writing comments is not a big deal but if you are writing 10 comments a day, it becomes a chore. You may find your self having writer's block. We added 15 phrases that you can use with postings: intro, features, dealer info, etc. Dealers can always change these templates but we now provide some default values to help you jog your memory.

Craigslist: We had quite a bit of changes for Craigslist. We fixed a number of bugs. We started handling captcha requests at login, as opposed to failing. This does not happen often but if you post back to back, Craigslist may ask you to enter your password again or even reset it. Applets are a lot more stable now and easier to test. We explain error messages clearly. We were doing some desktop updates and replacing the systems with Linux and testing Craigslist posting on Linux. This is one of the greatest features of our Craigslist module: it works on every where: Windows, Linux or Mac. It would probably even work on iPhone or Android.

eBay Motors: The biggest change in the past month, though was eBay national listings. With this change, eBay module is now out of beta stage. You can post your vehicles to eBay in local, national fixed price or auction formats. You can set best offer flag, set reserve and start prices. We had done the auto starting slide show before. Our eBay module is very advanced at this point and ready for the prime time. We will continue to improve it.

Bill Of Sale: As usual we added new documents to our system like Texas DMV forms. Although, the most important document we recently added is the purchase contract. You may know this document by other names: bill of sale, buyer's order, retail purchase agreement, purchase order, etc. Essentially, it is the invoice for a car sale. We made our purchase contract extremely configurable. You can add as many terms and conditions as you like and you can edit them in any way you like. It is still a PDF form but with a flexible layout. You can set the title of the form and adjust the fees in any way you like. You can change the order or define formulas for different lines. It is a very powerful tool that is available for our clients. Contact us to see how it looks.

Custom Fees: Title fees were tracked along with the registration fees in our system. Some companies want to see it separately, so we added a new fee called title fee. Realizing that every dealer may have slightly different fees, we added a way for dealers to define their custom fees. You can define up to 4 fees. These fees are just like other fees in the system. You can set them taxable or non-taxable. Some fees are pass-through fees and do not really contribute to the revenues like registration fees. So, you can set a custom fee part of your revenues or not.

Our web based dealer management system is becoming stronger each month. It is hard not to get impressed with all the features. Next month we plan to start working on even more Craigslist updates, BHPH and loan features, book and market values and grouping and emailing forms. Stay tuned and Contact us for more info and demonstration. © 2019