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One of the things about having a one-stop solution is that we need to do a lot of things at the same time. When we look at the things we do in a month we find that it is quite varied. This month is one of those months where we ended up doing a lot of small but significant improvements. Read on.

Finance: We added new fields to our deals list. As with all our lists, you can set which fields to display. We added vehicle color, miles, VIN, stock number, lender, phone number and co-buyer name to these options. We also have a new simple but powerful feature: custom deal status codes. Clients can now define custom status codes for their deals. This way they can track deal states. For example, you can setup a status like pending lender paper work and filter all such deals. You can then sort on lenders to see which lenders have the most paper work pending. We added the dealer info to the first page of our credit app. We now have a field in our deals for sending notes to lenders with credit apps: lender comments. Say for example that your vehicle is mostly used for demo purposes and you want the lender to know about it. You can write it here.

Repairs: We added new fields to our parts: stock number, color and brand. There is something more important though. You can now enter up to 5 parts in a repair work. When you use these parts stock counts are updated at the same time. Also, we now have a recondition time field in vehicle reports. This way, you can see which cars took a long time to get ready for sale.

Inventory Management: We added a few new options that can be used in all vehicle reports. Purchase prices, fees, sale price, etc. The big improvement is custom vehicle fields, though. You can now define up to 4 custom vehicle fields. You can name them anything you like. These are drop down fields that you enter the possible options. For example, one of our clients use it for their niche market: ambulance type. You can use them in reports and forms. You can even color these vehicles in reports based on custom field values.

Websites: We enhanced our websites quite a bit. It is now possible to enter more emails for each form on your website. There are minor bug fixes and new fields. One key feature is SSL pop-up in our secure forms. When people hover over SSL image in a secure form, a baloon pops up to show info about SSL. See it in action in one of our latest client websites. An other major feature is auto lead creation in the system with credit apps. When someone fills out a credit app form in your website, their info will be recorded in the system as a lead. Last but not least, we now resize vehicle images upon upload. This way, the pages load faster and our websites rank higher in search engines.

eBay Motors: Our eBay module is still in beta stage but improving fast. One thing that is not seen very often in eBay is slide shows. I have not seen one that starts without clicking a button. Well, we have one now that starts when page is shown. We improved standard ebay template quite a bit: auto starting slide show, carfax, banners, terms, videos, etc. All templates can be fully customized. We will update our eBay demo video to boast this new template soon. We also show the fees before posting now as it comes from eBay. It is nice to know how much the ad will cost you before posting it.

Credit Acceptance Corporation: We can now send feeds to Credit Acceptance Corporation (CAC). This is a finance company that can be very profitable for auto dealers. They have a system where you can quickly find financing for buyers and make money at the same time. When you enter your vehicle to our DMS, it now can be sent to CAC nightly. You can then setup financing from there.

SEO: Among all this work for our clients, we are working on our own search engine optimization. This is important for getting new leads as well as showcasing what we can do for their websites. First of all, Google is slowing down - big time. Couple of years back, a page would be indexed in 2-3 days. Now it takes about a month. This means a change in tactics for SEO. You can no longer afford to test a few versions to see which one ranks best. You need to setup new pages all the time - not change old ones. So, we setup a few new websites: and We also spruced up our dealer directory. Google changed its algorithm for unnatural link patterns. So, we adjusted our website links. On top of that we updated our website to increase page speed. We got rid of share this scripts, upgraded jquery and stopped using compressed content where it helped. Our pages now load in 1 - 2 seconds.

In the works: We are working on integrating with RouteOne and Opentrak but they are not being responsive. We have some more forms coming soon. We are working on national ebay postings. Kijiji is scheduled for the near future. With each update our dealer software is becoming stronger. Contact us for more info and demonstration. © 2019