Car Dealer eBay Motors Software: Classifieds and Local Market Listings

Carsinia v2.6 is released yesterday. This is a major milestone that brings eBay Motors. A big percent of all online vehicle sales are done on eBay. Now our DMS can post vehicles to eBay very easily.

Many people do not want to use eBay because they think it is complex. There are countless books written on it and there is a website called eBay university. Is it complicated? You betcha. If you are a consumer looking for your next car, you can choose not to use eBay at all. However, as a dealer you cannot afford to lose customers that do use it. What is more, our software makes it much easier. Read on.

One of the things that makes eBay difficult is the concept of sites. eBay has many sites: main US site, Canada, eBay Motors USA, eBay Motors Canada, eBay Motors Germany, eBay Germany, Turkey, etc. This article is mainly for car dealers in United States. The only site you need to think about is eBay Motors.

You may be surprised to hear that not all eBay listings are auctions. As far as the car dealers are concerned, there are 2 ways to post a vehicle: nation wide and local. National listings are mostly in auction format. The other way is called Local Market Listings. Most local listings are in classified ad format. Nothing to bid, just a price listing and phone number.

Please note that this is different from kijiji. It is quite confusing since kijiji is also called eBay classifieds. Classified ads on and ads on (which used to be kijiji) are not the same thing. We are planning on having a kijiji posting feature in the future. Postings on kijiji are completely free.

You may wonder which listing type makes sense for you. The answer is: depends on the car. Local classified listings are a very good way of selling your vehicles fast. They appear in zipcode search results in eBay. After the listing has ended you can import them at ( What is great about these listings is that you can post 6 vehicles per year for free! The next question that comes to mind is, can you create multiple accounts in eBay and post all your cars for free. The answer is probably yes. You may want to read the fine details of eBay service agreement. For example, you can create multiple accounts in facebook easily but in the service agreement you agree that you will not do that. They cannot discover you easily, though. Somebody would have to report you.

If you do not want to deal with the one time fees of local market listings, you can pay $1000 per month and get an unlimited dealer account. If you have over 50 cars in your lot, it is probably a good investment. You can also specify that you will take the best offer if you like. Carsinia can post your vehicles to local listings at this time. It is still at beta stage. This means it is certainly usable but there may be small problems.

National listings are more complicated. They are mostly auctions and have a whole set of other rules. For example, you should not be posting your phone number or website. All leads should come through eBay. If somebody makes an offer above your reserve price, you have to sell the car. There are free re-listings, insertion fees, etc. You probably want to use auctions to sell your car fast after sitting on your lot for 90 days.

Our eBay templates are completely customizable. We encourage you to adhere to the eBay terms and conditions about what you post in your ad. Our default template does not include links to your website but you can put them if you want to.

There are also some other enhancements in this release. We now have sales territories for CRM. A new vehicle field called FIN (Fleet Identification Number) is added. We added a couple of Utah DMV forms and a few minor UI enhancements. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

March 2011 Update: We now support national auction and fixed price listings as well. See ebay motors setup for details. © 2019