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Dealer Finance Software

We made huge strides in the past couple of months. The lack of blog posts and marketing is a proof of that. Our vision has always been to be the one-stop shop solution for dealers. One thing is for sure: we are on track. We were a little weak on the finance side but with the latest changes this is no longer the case. We have a great dealer finance software.

First of all, we realized the deal wizard. We always had a way for dealers to enter purchases and sales of vehicles. We needed lacking a desking module, though. A desking module makes it easy for dealers to enter a deal step by step. So, that is what we created: a deal wizard.

The first step is entering the structure of the deal and working out monthly payments if it is a financed deal. Then dealers enter customer info, pull credit report, enter vehicle and trade info, print out forms, apply for credit if needed and finally come to the recap. The final step shows a profit analysis for the dealer. When the deal is closed, it is turned into a sale. If you need a quick way to calculate quotes and do not want to enter a new deal, we also have a quick quote wizard. This sounds simple enough but it required a lot of new fields in customers, vehicles and sales. Rebates was a big one. We will be adding even more in the future and improving upon it.

We are finally live with CredCo and you can now check credit reports in our DMS. We had to go through a very thorough audit that went on for 4 months. We enhanced our security greatly and got approved by our new partner CredCo. This is a big mile stone.

We also made huge strides in credit applications. First off, we now have a form that dealers can use to send credit apps to lenders. It is one of our standard PDF forms. We also offer an easier way to submit apps through EZ Dealer Finance. We completed our integration and you can now automatically send apps to multiple lenders at once.

Participation features are now much more enhanced. Calculations and commissions are much clearer. It is possible to enter the first reserve payment in deal wizard and enter charge backs later on. We will be adding new profit reports in the future.

We added a lot of new PDF forms: New York Snow Mobile Registration, UCC App, etc. Buyers guide is a bit more special since it required new warranty fields. It is now possible to enter two warranties for a deal. You can enter covered systems info that can be printed on buyers guide at sale time. What is more, we added a new type of forms called NCR forms. These forms are used with dot matrix printers and pre printed forms. It is an old technology but it is still in use. You can now upload your forms to our DMS in PDF format and drag and drop tokens to the input areas. We print only the tokens for these forms.

Apart from the finance features, we also have a lot of new CRM features. Reports are now much more detailed. You can create custom status codes and assign sales people to customers. You can then check the customers assigned to a sales person. We also added two new fields: do not call, do not email. They prevent unnecessary calls or emails and save time.

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