Automotive CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management)

Couple Buying Car at Dealer thanks to automotive CRM

With the release of v1.20, we now have automotive CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This is pretty major stuff for a lot of dealers. When a customer calls, you want to know what you told them last. That is the gist of automotive CRM software. What is slightly different from standard CRMs is that you want to see what car they bought last. Also, it would help to be able to see the credit report you pulled at the time (and the info used for it). This sets the tone of the conversation. It helps you to be coherent as an organization.

Could you use a standard CRM and run it alongside your DMS? Yes, you can. There are actually free web based CRM applications available. Sugar CRM is one of the best. However, you would need to enter the same customer twice. You would enter leads to the CRM and then you would need to enter the same info in your DMS when they decide to buy a car. Or at least get the credit report pulling stage. Then you would end up with multiple data. Not only you need to enter a customer twice, now you have two places to look for it. This may even get more complicated by permissions, fields available in two systems, typing errors, etc. Also, you are losing time doing the double entry. Not only does this cause longer sales cycles, but also it would be lost time on your employees whose time you pay.

We provide the CRM as part of our base package - free of charge. It is a simple and modest system. You can enter the leads, record your emails, calls, visits and test drives in the system. Credit reports are coming soon. Once the customer is ready to take the next step, you just set the car sold to the lead - at which point they become real customers. At any point in time, you can quickly find a customer and see what you said last.

CRM is also a place for sales force performance reporting. Ideally it should be like a funnel: number of emails -> calls -> visits -> test drives -> sales. In order to be able to do that, you need to set the sales person responsible for the sale of the car. Now you can do that as well. You can then go to the business intelligence reports. Select CRM reports and you can see how you have been doing in terms of communications as a business. Then you can drill down to a period and see which of your sales people did the best (and the worst). You can drill down further and see how they have been performing in the past. Finally, you can drill down to one period for one sales person and see who they called and what they said. That is control!

Read more about our automotive CRM or contact us for more info and demonstration.

December 2010 Update: We have completed our CredCo integration and you can now pull credit reports from Carsinia. © 2019