Dealer Customer Management
Car Dealer Customers Buying

With the release of v1.18, we now have customer management functionality. This is an important step in our road map. It is the base for CRM and credit reports. It is now possible to list the customers. You can set the fields that will be used in the listings. You can search them, sort them, check leads easily. It is pretty easy and flexible - just like any other screen in our DMS. What is important about this? Well, you can now enter your leads. After you enter a lead or customer, you can view the info and edit it. If it is a real customer, you can view the vehicles sold or purchased as well. The vehicles info is show in a tab. In the next release we will add 2-3 more tabs: visits, phones and credit reports.

This means that you can now purchase from or sell to an existing customer or lead. Since we are going to be doing credit reports soon, a lot of new fields are added as well. Employment info, housing info, SSN, license no, a third phone number and co-buyer or seller info. It is a lot of data but they are mostly optional. If you do cash deals mostly, you can just enter what you need.

With this release it is now possible to list featured vehicles. It is pretty easy to setup and change a featured vehicles listing now. It can be changed in a lot of ways. When you mark a vehicle as featured, they will be listed in the featured vehicles. For example about how this is used, see

CRM and credit reports are coming soon. Stay tuned. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

December 2010 Update: We have completed our CredCo integration and you can now pull credit reports in Carsinia. © 2019