Email Hosting for Car Dealers

email hosting services

With the release of v1.17, we now provide email hosting services. Email is not as glamorous as websites because it does not have a visual side. However, it is vital for all dealers and a lot of features are expected by default. Most companies simply get the standard hosting panels like Plesk or cPanel and offer email hosting services without working much. For such an important part of the services it is odd that it does not get much attention and care. The standard hosting panels provide an OK set of features but they come with certain costs. First of all, they are not free and that cost is tacked on to the bills. They require a standard structure in the servers, which cause limitations on the dealer websites. They require separate login URL and set of user accounts. The webmail they provide is outdated and is just not appealing to the eye. Even the companies that do only hosting provide email in a way that begs for a lot of features. We decided that we will do it the right way and develop all email management ourselves.

You can add mailboxes directly from our DMS. Once they are added, you can use them securely with our webmail or with smartphones like Blackberry, iPhone and Android. Forward email accounts can be used like mail groups or aliases. You can setup one main mailbox and have a few aliases for it like sales, info, support, etc. Our webmail is quite impressive. It looks like Outlook and allows reporting SPAM or HAM email. HAM email is the opposite of SPAM, btw. It features an online address book and a calendar. Our spam filter gets smarter in time with emails reported in webmail and auto training.

We can also manage email quotas and out of office auto responders for when you are not in. New in this release, we added a new form for service departments: schedule an appointment. A lot of dealers have service departments and this form helps bring more customers.

We will be working on credit scores and some CRM functionality for the next release. Stay tuned. Contact us for more info and a demonstration.

December 2010 Update: We have completed our CRM module, CredCo integration and you can now pull credit reports in Carsinia. © 2019