Dealer Website Content Management

Dealer Website Content Management with Carsinia

Managing your dealer website contents is so easy with Carsinia with the release of v1.15. Our website editing system is designed for non-technical users with simplicity in mind. Some basic computer knowledge is required of course like knowing what a file is, what a web page is, and creating directories and copying files but you really do not need to know any HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. (these are the programming languages that are frequently used on the Internet). In fact, we claim that if you are technically savvy enough to edit a Microsoft Word document, you can create your own website. How do we do it? The main component responsible for website editing is called file manager.

We have an editor for creating web pages with Word-like controls: you can set a text bold, set it centered, right aligned, left aligned justified, change color, etc. You can undo, redo, copy, paste, create lists - pretty much everything you are used to with editing documents in the modern computers. Our new component file manager takes this one step further. While editing a web page, you can open the file manager and upload an image and drag and drop that image right in your web page at the position you would like. Once the image is there, you can adjust its position and format it further. From the file manager, you can do a bunch of other operations like creating directories, moving files around, renaming, copying and deleting files and directories. Combined these technological advancements and you will find yourself creating a website in a matter of hours.

Our websites come also equipped with dynamic contents like inventory listing and contact forms like apply for credit, sell us your vehicle, etc. The most important thing about a website (even more important than how it looks) is how does it bear in the search engines? In order to make sure that you get found by potential customers, you need to do something called search engine optimization (SEO). A major part of SEO is updating a few important fields: title, description and keywords. For all your dealer website pages, you can easily do that with Carsinia content management system. With this release we also added alternative tags to vehicle images, breadcrumbs navigation and automatic generation of sitemaps.

We also added two new menu styles (blue and orange menus) and fixed a bunch of bugs in menus, billing, invoices, website content editing, etc. We are going to keep on adding new features as requested by our clients. Please Contact us for more information. © 2019