Dealer Contact Forms

With the release of v1.14, we provide contact forms in dealer websites. These forms are crucial for running a dealership and having an online presence. After all, what's the point of having a website if visitors cannot contact you? Currently we have 3 forms but we will continue to add more in the future: contact us, sell us your vehicle and apply for credit forms. Credit application form is a special form in the sense that it has 3 steps (actual contact is done upon completion of the last step) and it can be added to the inventory listing detail screen contact forms (confirm availability, schedule test drive, etc.). All forms validate correctness of inputs proactively as the user is typing them and they can be fully customized with additional HTML and CSS and Javascript.

All forms are submitted through a secure channel using SSL. Getting an SSL certificate and configuring it can be a pain but with Carsinia, clients do not have to worry about it. With Carsinia, we provide each client with a carsinia subdomain that can be used for secure form submissions. These subdomains all use the same SSL certificate, so you do not need to spend additional money to purchase or configure a separate SSL certificate. What's more, if you do not want to purchase a domain for your website, you can use the shared domain although it is recommended to have your own domain name. All forms can be optimized for search engines like the rest of the contents.

With this release, we also started providing redirect URLs and domains. Redirects are used in various places in websites. Here are some examples:

  • Setup a short url that is easy to remember so that you can advertise it:
  • You have an old URL that you would like to change but do not want the old URL to be invalid.
  • You have a legacy URL from your old website you would like to keep for SEO purposes.
  • You bought a new domain and would like your old website to point to the new domain.

You can setup full redirect domains or partial ones and configure whether it is temporary (302) or permanent (301).

Also in this release, we have a new metallic looking menu that is very sleek and other bug fixes and enhancements. This is another milestone for us. We are going to keep on adding new forms as requested by our clients. Stay tuned.

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