Auto Dealer Websites

With the release of v1.12, we not only provide external inventory listings that you can use with your existing website, but you can now host your entire website with us. You can have multiple domains and multiple websites, all of which can use the same data you enter to Carsinia. You can access your domain in directory mode like or directly in domain mode as This allows you to start building your website before your domain name is fully live. If you have multiple locations, you can setup a website for each of them. In each, you would setup a listing for the inventory they have. You can use custom listings to display a brand of vehicles, vehicles under a certain price like $10K, single previous owner vehicles, etc. in separate pages. You can also setup a standard website with no listings for your service department.

Static pages can be edited very easily with a wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) editor. You can format your text easily and setup links with the click of a button. Soon, we will have a file manager that can be used to upload and drag and drop images to your pages. For now, you can setup a user account and give FTP permissions and upload the images and use them in web pages manually. For example, you can setup an FTP account for your designer and he/she can edit your CSS and images easily. There is a global CSS and Javascript file for all your pages that you can use to customize your website.

For now, we have 3 menu choices but we will be adding new styles rapidly. If none of them match your needs, you can always setup a custom HTML menu but you would lose the advantage of automatically populated menus. For example, if you have an external website listing, you can enter your menu html here as copy and paste. The same goes for the banner - it is also possible to accomplish a similar functionality with page headers and footers for external website inventory listings.

The biggest strength of Carsinia websites is the search engine optimization. Any page in the website can be search engine optimized. You can enter title, description and keywords for the static web pages, your vehicles, inventory listings. You can setup default vehicle SEO tags with tokens (like brand, model, trim, year, etc) and override them on a per vehicle basis. Vehicle screens have a canonical tag which enables search engines to be able to identify a page even when it can be used with two different URLs. You want to setup a alternative tag for your banner? No problem. You can simply change to raw HTML mode for the banner section and enter anything you like.

Carsinia websites are really coming along. The next release will bring form contents, secure domains, menu and SEO enhancements. Please Contact us for more information.

July 2010 Update: Our dealer websites now have 5 different forms, secure domains, 4 menu styles and full SEO control. © 2019