Car Dealer Inventory Distribution to and

Car dealers are learning very fast that in order to sell cars in this century, online marketing is not a "nice to have" anymore, it is a necessity. Consumers are searching car sales sites more and more to find the cars they need. This is especially true for used cars. Pre-owned cars have a higher risk of purchase but the right choice saves people a lot of money. You can find real bargains on the Internet and customers want to make sure they find the best quality cars before making their purchases.

The question is, which sites do they rely on most? It depends on the price range of the cars and the locality is a big factor to determine the best performing site. In certain area, local sites outperform many nation-wide popular sites but if you were to consider the biggest names in used car sales, these are the top 4 (not in popularity order):,, Ebay and Craigslist.

Carsinia has just completed integration with and we can now upload dealer inventory to Autotrader nightly through FTP. integration is on its way and we are hoping to become an approved inventory provider soon. The integration with these sites is probably better than most dealer inventory management systems and it is very informative. Clients can determine exactly which features are going to be displayed on these sites for each vehicle and tack on additional automatic comments during upload that normally does not appear in other listings. You do need to become paid members of these sites for automatic inventory distribution. Both sites accept occasional one-time car sale adds but that is not automated.

We are starting our work on Ebay and Craigslist. Google base is also another inventory distribution project scheduled for near future. For all other sites, we are going to try to integrate with as many partners as possible but clients can always keep track of their postings using manual posting tracking feature of Carsinia.

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