Dealer Inventory Software

Carsinia v1.8 was probably the biggest release ever. It added so much new functionality that the release notes are tiring to read. This release was all about finalizing the dealer website inventory listing functionality and integration with Google maps, Carfax, Youtube. Carsinia is becoming a really exceptional dealer inventory software. The inventory detail page layout is now much more flexible and shows dealer comments nicely. We added brief listing comments to show in the listing page as well. We can now show the stock pictures if no pictures are uploaded for a vehicle. This is very tough - we actually end up merging two images upon request and generating a new image to show on demand. Using fancy javascript, we can now display a window sticker page that can be printed by visitors to dealer websites. They can also send an email to a friend about the vehicle they view now - an automatic email notification goes to the dealership in that case.

One of our biggest competitors recently came up with video editing functionality for vehicles. According to their research, dealers are spending too much time taking pictures and uploading them. So, they decided to provide video uploading functionality and then dealers can go through the video and take a slice out of it and make it a picture for the vehicle. They can also make the video available to display in inventory pages. Sounds impressive but not really helpful.

First of all, taking pictures is so much easier than taking videos. It is the uploading of the pictures that takes a long time - not taking them. Besides, anybody who actually tried to take slices out of a video can attest that it is not a very easy process. Not to mention potential encoding errors that can happen during the uploading of the videos. To address the issue, we introduced bulk picture upload utility with this release. You can just select a bunch of your pictures, and then upload in bulk like Facebook. You can even rotate some of them before upload. This really minimizes the time to start marketing a vehicle. Videos are integrated from Youtube. You can just click on embed button on Youtube when viewing a video and copy and paste that code to carsinia and voila! Your video will be emdedded to the inventory detail page. You can click on it to view it bigger. If you have multiple videos uploaded for other cars, Youtube has this great interface that show related videos that you can browse in a sliding fashion. Uploading videos to youtube is also beneficial for your search engine optimization.

Other enhancements include google maps integration, certified image options, carfax reports and updated logos, similar vehicles listings, automatic vin analysis and make,model,trim detection which are big items by themselves but probably the biggest item in terms of business is marketing only vehicles. This is probably an industry changing functionality. The idea is to offer vehicles directly from auction and buy them when you know you have prospect customers for them. You see a vehicle in an auction but you are not sure if you should purchase it? Just put it up on your website and see if anybody is going to bid for it. There is only one dealer known to us that does this at this time: but it may be the business model of the future.

Coming soon:

  • Automatic posting to car sales sites:,, craigslist and ebaymotors.
  • Dealer websites: all pages will be customizable and easy to edit, automatic inventory integration, easy navigation, search engine optimized, email hosting.

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Update: We have completed our dealer websites and online marketing with autotrader, and craigslist. © 2019