VIN Analysis

Carsinia now supports VIN analysis with the release of v1.6. This is a major milestone for us. Users can now retrieve a wealth of information about their vehicles by clicking a simple button. We get our data from Chrome Automotive Data Systems, which is the industry leader in automotive data without a doubt. They provide most or all the information in window stickers along with crash test results, warranty and recall information. It is really impressive.

If for whatever reason Chrome does not have any data on your vehicle type, you can find it in the manufacturer's website and copy and paste it yourself. The specifications are editable with an HTML editor. You can enter whatever you want in the technical specifications and equipment information fields. We are working on building search engine optimized website inventory listing services and the specifications will be used with inventory listings. We hope to release v1.7 before the end of the month. Stay tuned!

Update: We completed our dealer websites with all intended features. © 2019