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Welcome to Carsinia blog. In these pages you can find our blog posts (in case you are wondering, blog comes from "web log" and it is a web diary). Please select a post below and contact us if you would like to comment on our posts. Thank you. 

01-22-2014: Web Based Dealer Management Software PDF Signatures Carsinia
All documents and forms in our web based Dealer Management Software are in PDF format. In this video we show how you can get your customers to sign your PDF forms.

12-26-2012: Web Based Used Car Dealer Inventory Management Software System Carsinia
We recently released some inventory management features that improve usability of our web based dealer management software.

11-13-2012: Facebook Car Dealer Marketing Twitter Inventory Posting Integrated DMS
In this blog post we talk about how you can use Carsinia for Facebook Car Dealer Marketing and Twitter inventory postings. This is very useful for car dealers that want to market their vehicles on social media and use an integrated DMS.

11-05-2012: Web Based Dealer Profit Management Software Reports Estimated and Actual
In this blog post we explain a few new features that can manage estimated and actual profits for dealers in our web based dealer management system.

05-15-2012: 10 Reasons Why Carsinia is the Best Dealer Management System
In this blog post we explain 10 reasons to choose Carsinia as your dealer management system. We provide a the best product and we make it better every day.

03-15-2012: Web Based Car Dealer Accounting Software Quickbooks Integration
Carsinia is a web based car dealer management system that provides accounting integration with quickbooks through chart of accounts and transactions export and import. Here is a video: purchase and sell a car with floor planning and repairs.

02-28-2012: Online Web Based Auto Dealer Management Software Servers Infrastructure
We have a fully online (web based) auto dealer management software. We are planning on moving our mini cloud of servers to a new data center soon.

01-30-2012: Used Car Dealer Software DMS iPad iPhone iOS Android Tablet Email Bulk Picture Upload
Our DMS runs on all platforms: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Linux. One issue we had with iPad, iPhones and Android tablets was picture uploads. We can now bulk upload pictures via email in our used car dealer software.

01-14-2012: Used Car Dealer Software Web Based DMS Updates New Features
We have a lot of new features in our used car dealer software. Our DMS is %100 web based. In this page you can read about some of the highlights and updates.

11-22-2011: Car Dealer Software Deal Configuration County Tax Fees Auto Values
We have a new feature in our car dealer software that was long due: deal configuration for taxes and fees. You can now set up automatic tax values for different counties and default fee values per location.

11-14-2011: Car Dealer Documents Auto DMV Forms Retail Installment Contract DMS
Our forms library is getting more impressive by the day: New car dealer documents, automotive DMV forms, retail installment contracts, form groups, etc. Our DMS can handle it all.

09-22-2011: Craigslist Email Verification Update Agile Car Dealer Software DMS
Craigslist recently started asking for email verifications that broke the process for quite a few auto posters. Carsinia responded quickly to these changes and our car dealer software DMS can still post automatically.

09-15-2011: Beyond SEO: Website Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO
Everybody talks about SEO but not many people mention the next step in online marketing. Improving the conversion rate can have a huge impact on your business.

09-12-2011: Craigslist Secrets for Car Dealers: IP Location, Image Hosting, Links, Content
In this blog we talk about some Craigslist posting secrets for Car Dealers: what you need to minimize your ghosting rate. IP Location, Image Hosting, Links and Content are the key points.

06-14-2011: Craigslist Software Car Dealers Websites SEO Floor Planning Cost Tracking Deals Forms
We are the best Craigslist software for car dealers. This helps with SEO as well. We recently added new features for floor planning, finance cost tracking and deals and forms.

05-31-2011: Dealer Management System: Craigslist, Websites, CRM, Desking, Forms, Reporting, Export
We have a great dealer management system for car dealers. Some of the recent enhancements are: Craigslist, Websites, CRM, Desking, Forms, Reporting and Data Export.

04-25-2011: Craigslist Software Car Dealers Automatic Bulk Post Ghosting Proxy Websites Forms
We have the best Craigslist software for car dealers. We provide automatic bulk postings with minimal chance of getting ghosted. We also provide websites and forms.

03-26-2011: Web Based Dealer Management System Custom Fees Bill Of Sale eBay Motors Craigslist
Our web based dealer management system is becoming stronger every month. We have a new bill of sale with custom fees. Comment builder helps you write comments so that you can post your vehicles to Craigslist and eBay.

02-27-2011: Dealer Software Finance Inventory Management Websites SEO eBay Credit Acceptance Corporation
Carsinia is a becoming a great dealer software with every update. Our DMS had updates in ares of finance, inventory management, websites, SEO and eBay Motors.We can now send feeds to Credit Acceptance Corporation.

01-26-2011: Car Dealer eBay Software, Auto DMS Motors Posting, Classifieds, Local Market Listings
Carsinia is a great car dealer eBay software. Our auto DMS (dealer management system) can now do eBay Motors Posting for ebay classifieds (local market listings).

12-29-2010: Car Dealer Finance Software, Credit Reports, Credit Applications, Deals, Forms, CRM, NCR, PDF, CUDL
Carsinia is a full featured online dealer finance software. Our DMS (dealer management system) is capable of checking credit reports, sending credit applications and generating deal forms. We also added new PDF and NCR forms, CRM features and CUDL feed.

11-05-2010: Dealer Finance Software: Consumer Loans, Desking, Participation, Reserve, Spread Management, CredCo
Carsinia is going to be the best dealer finance software with consumer loans and participation (reserve, spread) management.

10-08-2010: Automotive CRM Software, Web based CRM, Auto Dealer CRM, Customer Relationship Management
Carsinia automotive CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) features are released. This may be the only web based CRM that is also an auto dealer management system.

08-22-2010: Email Hosting Challenges: Email Management, Webmail, SPAM, Out of Office Auto Responder
Carsinia provides email hosting services for car dealers. Our system features email management, spam processing, out of office auto responders and webmail.

09-10-2010: Car Dealer Customer Management, CRM, Credit Reports, Carsinia
Carsinia dealer customer management features are released. This is a foundation for credit reports and our CRM and an important milestone in our road map.

07-15-2010: Dealer Website Content Management, Search Engine Optimization, SEO
Adding, editing and deleting car dealer website contents are so easy with Carsinia. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can edit our websites and do search engine optimization.

07-06-2010: Dealer Contact Forms: Apply for Credit, Contact Us, Sell Us Your Vehicle
Carsinia provides website contact forms for car dealerships. Auto dealer websites now come with a shared SSL certificate and domain name.

07-01-2010: Dealer Document Generation
Carsinia provides automatic document generation and pre-filling for auto dealers

06-26-2010: Auto Dealer Websites, Carsinia Dealership Website Inventory Software
Carsinia provides professional, fully customizable auto dealer websites that can be optimized for search engines. Clients can also have external website inventory listing feeds.

06-07-2010: Craigslist Dealer Inventory Software
Carsinia provides sophisticated inventory distribution software to craigslist for car dealers. Our application includes advanced features that lower possibility of ghosting.

05-07-2010: Online Car Dealer Inventory Distribution:, Autotrader
Carsinia automatically distributes car dealer inventory to and for online marketing.

04-26-2010: Dealer Inventory Software
Carsinia professional edition is coming along nicely. It will be the best online dealer inventory software in the market.

04-04-2010: Dealer Website Inventory Listings
Carsinia provides website inventory listing services for auto dealerships that can be search engine optimized.

03-24-2010: VIN Analysis
Carsinia dealer management software provides VIN analysis services.

02-28-2010: Carsinia Website
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