About Carsinia Dealer Software

Carsinia provides cloud based DMS software solutions for independent used car dealerships across the United States. We are privately owned with corporate headquarters in San Diego, California. Our company was founded in 2009, with the idea that dealership management software should be easy-to-use, powerful enough to run the dealership and still affordable. Our solution is built and hosted entirely online so there is never any need for our customers to complete downloads, perform software updates or buy the latest and greatest computer.

We believe that each of our customer relationships is a mutually beneficial partnership. Wherein we provide the software and the dealership utilizes the software to buy more cars, close more deals and grow faster. When that happens, the dealership is more profitable and we know that we have a satisfied customer. Carsinia exists to serve you, the independent used car dealership. We would love to show you our products, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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